NFL Survivor Pool Advice

Doc`s Sports | Drew Mangione ( Doc’s Sports | Thursday, November 8th, 2007 )

The NFL is a beautiful thing. Even in the misery of defeat, you can smile at the artistry before you. The Chargers tased me again, but it was worth it to see Adrian Peterson slice through an eight-man front and then the secondary for almost 10 yards per carry. Maybe it’s easier to swallow because it was only my smallest suicide pool that ended and I’m still alive in the larger ones, but I say that I stand as a true fan, willing to appreciate the beauty of the game.

Speaking of such things, the Jets season is long dead, so despite rivalry and the enmity I should feel, I embrace the notion of a 16-0 Pats team. I like the idea of telling my kids that I watched the most magnificent feat in NFL history. And besides, maybe next year a Jets team led by Kellen Clemens from the season’s outset might have a chance at a playoff run. And if Adrian Peterson can run for 296 with former Jet Brooks Bollinger behind center, perhaps we’ve found the place where my boy Chad can play next year.

The NFL as a whole aside, let’s get down to brass tacks here. How much longer must I endure the torture of making pick after pick without winning this suicide-eliminator-survivor pool? The woman running the league picked the Steelers with me, and the other two chose the Lions and Redskins. Blast! For once, my Jets needed to come through, but no! I grow weary at the prospect of a dwindling supply of picks. I must go on. I must persevere!

Here’s my advice for Week 10:

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (-10) (1 p.m. Sunday): The Steelers started this season by embarrassing the Browns in Cleveland. Romeo’s squad has rebounded nicely with Derek Anderson, though, and this will be a close game. Keep in mind that the Steelers are coming off a Monday night game, making this a short week to prepare. The division lead is only one game and wouldn’t be shocked.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers (-7) (1 p.m. Sunday): Will Green Bay be the third quality run defense to succumb to Adrian Peterson? Something to keep in mind: Minnesota’s fall from grace a few years back started with the loss of Matt Birk, who chose surgery after the team refused him an extension. Now, in his second year with Steve Hutchinson and Bryant McKinnie, the rookie back couldn’t have asked for a better place. I guess you can make your pick based on how well you think Nick Barnett and A.J. Hawk tackle.

St. Louis Rams at New Orleans Saints (-11.5) (1 p.m. Sunday): As good as St. Louis’s skill players are, the offensive line may be the worst in the league. Steven Jackson is under 4 ypc for the first time in his career and the team’s QBs have gone down 25 times and heaved a league-high 16 interceptions. The Saints success is directly linked to pressure on the opposing quarterback. They’ve got 12 sacks in the last four games, all wins. In the first four games, all of which were losses, the defense had just one sack. Can you see my point?

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers (-4) (1 p.m. Sunday): Something’s got to give here. The Falcons are winless on the road, while Carolina is winless at home. Both teams have struggled with QB issues, one for stupidity the other for injury. Both defenses have under achieved. I hate picking this game, but who do I have left?

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (-10) (8:30 p.m. Monday): Seattle has been the best team in this division for a while now and even I thought this was the year they’d finally face a challenge. Instead, divisional games are where Holmgren’s squad has looked best. The 49ers are still a year away and the Seahawks are just good enough.

Pool 1 pick 1 (35 participants): Seahawks, Bears, Patriots, Cowboys, Titans, Chargers, Saints, Giants, Steelers, Panthers

Pool 1 pick 2 (35 participants): Steelers, Jaguars, Chargers (L)

Pool 2 (22 participants): Eagles (L)

Pool 3 (18 participants): Lions, Bengals (L)

Pool 4 (10 participants): Cowboys, Broncos, Steelers, Colts, Patriots, Ravens, Seahawks, Titans, Chargers (L)

Second Chance (27 participants): Patriots, Colts, Titans, Saints

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