Sportsbetting-What you need to know.

sports-betting-tipsBetting on Sports can be one of the easiest and most profitable activities to do online and off, especially with all of the great online sports betting sites currently available and the multiple land based books in Vegas.   Most sports betting establishments, both online and land based, operate in much the same way.  The lines are decided on by handicappers, usually live from Vegas, and posted daily.   There are many types of wagers to make, among them: straight bets, exotic bets, future bets, round robins, parlays and teaser.   A straight bet is where you bet money on one team to win.   An exotic bet is any bet, other than a straight bet, whether it be parlays, teasers, or round robins.   Parlays are a combination of bets on different teams and/or sports, usually having between 3 and 15 propositions.  If you make a parlay wager, every team that you wager on must win in order for you to collect any winnings, but the more propositions that you have the higher the payoff can be.  Round robins are a type of parlay bet, on these you wager on a combination of the wagers, (and this can be a tutorial in itself!).  Futures are when wagers are accepted well in advance of a major sporting event, (like the Super Bowl or NBA Championship) these bets, once placed are always final.  Teasers are just when you roll your winnings from a bet to another, this can also be called “teasing the bet”.   With all of these propositions, from straight bets to staggering future bets, you’ll find something to wager on.  Plus, most sports book will take bets of up to $5,000 and a few will even make arrangements for bets up to $100,000.

The actual act of betting on a sports game/match is really easy, but there are some basics that should know, just so you don’t sound like a square.  So here is a little breakdown for betting on sports in Vegas, where they have a “betting board” and most games are simulcast.   On the board the games will be set-up as follows:

1 Chicago Bears
2 Green Bay Packer -5
3 New England Patriots 4 Pittsburgh Steelers -9
5 Cleveland Browns
6 Tennessee Titans -3
7 Atlanta Falcons
8 San Francisco Giants -5

sportsbettingThe numbers on the left are the team numbers and the numbers on the right (-9, -5, etc.,) are the amounts that those teams are favored to win by, also known as a the spread.  For instance, say that you want to wager on the Patriots/Steelers game, you would refer to it as the 3/4 game.   When you go to the counter or to your bookie you will say, “I want $11 to win $10 on Team 4, Pittsburgh minus the nine.”   Pittsburgh would have to beat New England by 9 for you to effectively win or “cover the spread”.   If you want to make a parlay or teaser bet on the teams listed above, you would say something like this.   “I would like a $10 four-team parlay/teaser bet on teams 2 Green Bay, 4 Pittsburgh, 6 the Titans, and team 8, San Fran.   This should help you to convey your bets properly to the girl at the ticket counter or your man.

Of course, sports’ betting online is a little different than a betting at a sports book in Vegas, mainly due to the fact that there are no degenerates sitting next to you at your laptop.  (Unless you’re into that.)   But there are a few other small details that you should be aware of.   When you log-in to an online sportsbook and set up an account you will have to deposit money, something you don’t have to do in Las Vegas.  This means that you should be careful and look for the most reputable sports betting sites online.   Read reviews at a sports betting directory, and check with the OSGA, the Off Shore Gaming Association.  The propositions described in the first paragraph will be offered at most sports betting sites, but read the rules of the propositions just to, umm, cover your “bet”.

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