Browns like Harrell, but not enough to offer him a contract

sports_nfl_expertsTexas Tech head coach Mike Leach’s anger at the NFL draft process is well-documented. After Michael Crabtree went 10th in the draft and Graham Harrell went undrafted, Leach blasted the NFL as a whole, saying that they’re bad at drafting quarterbacks, and also took shots at Cleveland coach Eric Mangini.

So, let’s check in with Harrell and see if he’s setting the world on fire yet. The Cleveland Browns invited him to their rookie minicamp, and according to Mary Cay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, they liked Harrell. To a point.

The staff felt Harrell, who participated in rookie camp on a tryout basis, picked up the system quickly and has great potential, the source said. However, the team let him leave town without a contract, in part because it currently has four quarterbacks on the roster: Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Brett Ratliff and Richard Bartel.

So, kind of a mixed bag there. They said they liked him, but they didn’t give him a contract, because they already have guys like Brett Ratliff and Richard Bartel. That’s kind of like a girl telling you, “Oh yeah, I really think you’re a sweet guy. So, yeah, I’ll be over in the corner making out with the guy in the upside-down visor.”

Harrell says he’s got offers from a couple of other teams to attend their minicamps, too, but his preference would be to stay with the Browns. The Browns don’t look like they share his vision, at least at the time being. But hopefully, he’ll catch on somewhere.

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