Parlay Card

A Parlay card is the list of payouts; player can get it based on sum number of teams wage in an exacting parlay. Most of the sportsbooks use a ‘traditional’ parlay card, as others will sometimes their parlay cards for attracting players via special sporting events or promotions.

If you are concerned in gambling a parlay, always remember to read the sportsbook’s parlay card very first, in this will help you to know that you can bet on how many teams, and what the payment is, even if there are any of the associated conditions with your parlay wage so, you will be familiar with that too. Do not wage a parlay blind, firstly educate yourself suspiciously and be aware that conditions and rules may vary between dissimilar sportsbooks.

Some examples of the traditional “Las Vegas Parlay Card” are given bellow that shows the classic payment for up to fifteen-team parlay wage:

13 to five – two Team Parlay

6 to one – three Team Parlay

10 to one –  four Team Parlay

20 to one – five Team Parlay

40 to one – six Team Parlay

75 to one – seven Team Parlay

100 to one – eight Team Parlay

150 to one –  nine  Team Parlay

300 to one – ten Team Parlay

450 to one –  eleven  Team Parlay

600 to one –  twelve  Team Parlay

750 to one – thirteen  Team Parlay

900 to one – fourteen Team Parlay

1500 to one – fifteen  Team Parlay

Now the question arises that how to read the example parlay card? It is so simple, suppose you bet on 10-team parlay. In case, you succeed the wage (through picking all ten champions correctly), so you will get there hundred to one on your money. Therefore, a 5USD 10-team parlay wage would give out the cool amount of 1500USD.

It is essential to note, but, there are few associated conditions with bets of parlay, and every bettor should know then, as mentioned before that conditions and rules can vary by the sportsbook. Have a look at the following general parlays rules:

  • If a bettor loses any game on his parlay wage, the whole wage loses.
  • If a bettor wages a 2-team, parlay and any game ties, so the parlays become a straight wage.
  • In case any games on the parlay wage more than two teams so it is a push, bettor does not lose the parlay drops to the other payment level. Like, a 4-team parlay with 1 game push becomes three team parlay. Similarly, a 10-team parlay with 1 game push becomes nine team parlay. In case 2 teams tie the extend, bettor deduct two games from his total parlay games, six team parlay wage with two push becomes a four team parlay. 2 or more pushes are unusual, and many times, if there are any change in parlay, it will be product of 1 team pushing.
  • Utmost Parlay wage payment: Most of the sportsbooks give a maximum payment on any one-parlay wage. Generally, this sum is in the area of 100,000USD (whatever currency you use). This stipulation is inescapable to care for sportsbook from pay out a enormous win, particularly in the unusual event that a vast parlay wage comes in.

Remember: never skip to read the sportsbook’s parlay card before you wage, then only you will be aware of the condition, payouts and rules of your wage. Being a knowledgeable parlay bettor will place the odds significantly in your support.

Good Luck and Have fun!


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