Parlay Cards

Parlay CardsParlay Cards is the best way to limit the losses of yours, if still you have possibility at the really big payment. Most players were known about the parlay cards once they were younger. The payment on the early cards left lot to preferred, however with the overture of sports books online as they have got much better. In addition, with decent sports books a bettor hit the monster payment there will not be any problems to collect his winnings.

Same with casino tournaments, as the parlay cards let you spend small sum of money with probable of an enormous win. For the bettors who do not know about the parlay card, there is a quick explanation. Parlay cards are simply bets on several games that offer the high payout to the bettors. As for example, ten-team usual parlay returns six hundred – one. For each dollar, that bettor bets will win six hundred. Of course bettor has to win all ten games for having a charming wage. But, bettor can bet on as some of them like three games if bettor want. Sports book offers the best parlay card anywhere; they have the parlay card as even if bettor has a couple of trash on his cards, bettor still can succeed some amount of money. On the 10-team relief parlay card if bettor picks only 9 games properly, bettor still succeeds. Even 8 or 7 succeeds still return some amount of money to the bettor.

Have a look at these payments and you will get that they are generous. Just to pick randomly as bettor should pick five out of 10 winners. If a bettor can do a bit better than standard, a bettor should obtain in some sort of return. The table lists all of the comfort parlay payments.


# Teams One team lose

Odds Two teams lose

Odds Three teams lose

Odds All teams win


4 1.5 to 1 6 to 1

5 1.5 to 1 12 to 1

6 2.5 to 1 24 to 1

7 3 to 1 45 to 1

8 4 to 1 2 to 1 75 to 1

9 14 to 1 3 to 1 150 to 1

10 19 to 1 4 to 1 1 to 1 350 to 1

Since the lines on the cards do not change, we can get some charge to play them. In case there is something bad or injury if the lines on the cards can be off through numerous points. It is when bettor should play the cards in place of usual straight wages.

I love the information that bettor get a little assurance with the minor top payment. However, if bettor manages to choose all victors bettor receives a good return. The finest part of these wages is that bettor can play online for little amount as 1USD each. Apart from for lottery ticket I do not know any else wage that bettor can make for just 1 USD and get a chance to succeed over 100,000USD. So next time when you look for some real betting act where will you try your fortune with casino tournaments, or just with of parlay card.


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