Manning Brothers: Peyton vs. Eli

Written by: Karol

Manning Brothers

Peyton & Eli

The NFL has had many siblings at the Hall of Fame but any of them as good as the Manning Brothers. New York Giants and Denver Broncos are two excellent teams at the NFL, each one with one Manning brother.

Elisha Nelson “Eli” and Peyton Manning are sons of the famous NFL quarterback Archie Manning, there’s the root of why these guys decided to be professional players! Peyton with 37 years old and Eli with 32 have done a big difference at NFL’s history.

For Eli everything began at University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) when he played College Football, after his studies at New Orleans, he was drafted on 2004 by the Chargers and he was traded to the New York Giants. Since then this Manning has been playing with the Giants. Continue reading


MLB Playoff odds

By: Ross Kuebler

One week from today, The National League Wild Card game will take place.  The Cincinnati Reds will most likely take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in a one game playoff to determine who will join the Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinal in the Division Championship round.  While I have often thought Bud Selig to be the baseball equivalent to the man who designed the Boeing 787 battery system, the one game wild card playoff game is truly inspiring.  No longer are teams coasting to the wire just content with locking up a space in the playoffs.  There is no owner, GM, or manager who wants the 162 game season to end in a one game playoff which means they are riding their teams to the finish like Stevie Cauthen on Affirmed in the 1978 Belmont Stakes. Continue reading