Manning Brothers: Peyton vs. Eli

Written by: Karol

Manning Brothers

Peyton & Eli

The NFL has had many siblings at the Hall of Fame but any of them as good as the Manning Brothers. New York Giants and Denver Broncos are two excellent teams at the NFL, each one with one Manning brother.

Elisha Nelson “Eli” and Peyton Manning are sons of the famous NFL quarterback Archie Manning, there’s the root of why these guys decided to be professional players! Peyton with 37 years old and Eli with 32 have done a big difference at NFL’s history.

For Eli everything began at University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) when he played College Football, after his studies at New Orleans, he was drafted on 2004 by the Chargers and he was traded to the New York Giants. Since then this Manning has been playing with the Giants.

In the other side we have Peyton (“The Sheriff”); he has a little bit more experience than his brother. He played college football with the University of Tennessee, then in his first Draft he was chosen by the Colts; Peyton led the Colts to the success while he was playing in there, but soon he signed with the Denver Broncos, his last team.

Each brother has his different points in favor. Some of the statistics given by NFL show us how everything is going until week 2. Let´s see Peyton statistics: Pass Attempts 7,878; Pass Completions 5,139; %: 65,2%; TD-INT: 445-209; Passing Yards: 60,256 and Passer Rating: 96.1.

For Eli we have until week 2 (2013), Pass Attempts-completions: 4,548-2,667; %: 58,6%, Passing Yards: 32,39, TD-INT: 216-151, Passing Rating of 82.6 and Rushing yards-TD:403-4.

Making some references of the Manning brothers, ESPN said that Peyton “is a mortal lock to become a Hall of Famer” and that’s right, we are talking about the 4-time NFL MLV, the Super Bowl XLI – MLV, and the ones who leader the Colts as nobody has done it. But they also said that for Eli it is his 10th pro-season and he has enough time to enhance his statistics and get the entry to the Hall of Fame.

Amazing players, two wizards on the field! But what happens when they are facing each other during a game?

“For me, it’s a strange feeling” said Peyton.

They said that winning a game is not the same feeling if it’s against your brother. But they have to be focus on the game, both are the quarterback of each teams, they cannot lose control because a feeling.

However, before the game of September 15 for example, Eli said that they chatted before the game, but they had “Brothers conversations”, nothing related to the game.

In fact, this game was the last time he meets his brother on the field at postseason, and he close this stage with a score in favor of Denver of 41-23.

Until now, Eli has been given the best he has and he’ll continue enhancing his statistics as every Manning has done.

Those Brothers are the best ones at the NFL from around 130 siblings in the entire history.


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