The Most Purchased Jerseys at MLB

Written by Karol

At MLB we can find a curious fact which gives us a hand to determinate the best players in the Baseball League; it can also be one of the best records for tracking player’s acceptance.

This fact is about how many Jerseys do fans have bought from “X” player. And we have a b#42:  Mariano Riveraig list of the best players according to the purchased jerseys; let’s see who is in…

1° Place Mariano Rivera: A Panamanian 43 years old guy who wear the #42 of the New York Yankees. This guy is leading the list of the most purchased jerseys at MLB and it seems that after leaving the game he will not be easily forgotten, thanks to all the fans who wear his name. It is worth to say that Mariano has had a lot of records and some of the most amazing numbers at MLB. Continue reading


Sports Betting: Enjoy the action.

Who doesn’t enjoy the rush of a great game?

You can choose many exciting sports like NFL, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer well so many others sports you can choose any and feel the passion and love of it no matter your age, gender or status sports will always be on the hearts of its fans and really deep in their soul. Continue reading