Costa Rica as the Gambling Country


Written by Karol

crCan you realize a little country, one of the most little one of the world been the most wanted because of its laws? A completely paradise, full of nature and biodiversity is home of the most known sportsbooks and casinos.

It is something that everyone around the world knows, thanks to movies and information in the web, documental and more. But do you know how sportsbooks arrived to this country?

Everything began when the United States enacted a law with the intention of taking out and avoid every gambling action in the country. As good luck for Wagers Businesses, Costa Rica doesn’t have any law related to the industry, as consequence, sportsbooks and casinos came to this little paradise and established their business successfully.

However, as the years were passing some laws were created and sportsbooks were threatened, in that moment many gambling companies just go away but some other stay.

Currently, sportsbooks and gambling business are a rich job resource for the country, they generate a big amount of taxes and they are a great way to attract visitors, tourists and to generate more capital.

Movies don’t help too much, but believe it or not, Costa Rica is a beautiful place and has been changing too much. This little country has been enhancing constantly, they are opening doors to international fast-food restaurants, the amount of vehicles that you can see on the road are many, the infrastructure of the buildings and homes, the price in each product, even the language is changing to English, and maybe some laws from the US has been influencing in an indirect way.

Costa Rica is home of the biggest gambling companies such as Poker Stars, everyone can recognize this brand who give us poker online, a good known sportsbook named Jazz Sports is also operating in Costa Rica.

As a plus, there are some other businesses that are in process to be working at Costa Rica, but a pitfall that the country has is that other countries are considering avoiding gambling laws and if that happens, many business can leave the Ticos land to go to another place.

For sportsbooks and casinos, to operate at Costa Rica can be a little bit risking because the rates of taxes can be higher, but at least they are operatizing in a legal way and they are helping in an economical, financial and social mode to the country.

Costa Rica is one of the wonders of the world, full of amazing businesses, many possibilities for everyone. This country has the happiest people, and Ticos will always receive you with open hands.


A new start of the NBA 2013 – 2014 Season.

nbalogo_bootup_preview2005Now its time for sportsbook and sports fans to go crazy with the new start of the NBA 2013 – 2014 season and I’m sure all fans of this great sport are been waiting anxiously for the season to begin bringing all the excitement, emotion, sensations and passion out of its fans and of course its a new start for the ones who loves to put some extra spicy sauce into the already seasoned game Continue reading

How to Bet on Soccer – Part 2

Welcome, this is the second part of this guide on how to bet on soccer. For the first part, click here.

4. Compare odds on different sites

Whether it’s an online sportsbook or a sports betting related site, check several sources to gather information regarding the different odds/payouts that are being offered.

You’ll find that using multiple online sportsbooks will be in your favor, and when combining it with information coming from other gambling related sites, your odds of winning – and winning more money per bet – will improve.

Also, remember to calculate the fixed odds return.

Fixed odds are how online sportsbooks work; these take several names (money line, o/u, spread, etc…) but in the end, the importance lies in understanding the return value for the risk you are taking.

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How to Bet on Soccer – Part 1

Welcome, this is the first of two parts for this guide. For the second part, go down and click on “Next -> Part 2”.

Soccer kickIf you’re new to sports betting, or maybe not to betting per se, but soccer bets in particular, you’ve come to the right place. Along an instructive guide on how to bet on soccer you will also find several tips that will help you during all your sports betting ventures.

First of all, if you’re not new to the sports betting world you’ll probably want to skip the first two points. The first two points are to help those who are just getting started, but they can be worthwhile as reminders if you aren’t in a hurry.

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Price per Head On Regular Season

Written by Karol

Sports-Betting-120211L_4It used to happen that when we talk about Price per Head there is just a small amount of people who really know about this system and which is its real impact on sportsbooks and sports in general.

The purpose of Price per Head is to optimize all the sports betting system at sportsbooks and this is the root of good and quality service, given with the most fluency and speed you have ever feel.

Based on that description: Why Price Per head is so important at Regular Season?

Of course, when we talk about Regular Season of NBA or NFL we need to be prepared due to the big amount of fans of football and basketball that you can find around the entire world and even more, knowing that all of them are pending of all the games.

A sportsbook without Price per Head can collapse if it doesn’t have an amazing strategy plan, due to the millions of calls that they can receive just in a few hours. In the other hand, those sportsbooks which have this system could manage in a best way everything inside the sportsbook. One of the main aims of price per head is to assign tasks based on the principles of the system, thinking in having the best develop during a hard moment at Regular Season.

The first person that will interact with the bettor is the Agent, who will be in charge of take the bettor through the first steps to place a bet. The agent will answer to all the questions from the bettor and will create his/her profile, with this profile he can log in on the sportsbooks’ software and check the odds and lines. After this the bettor will be ready to call the sportsbooks were he will find trained representatives a 100% bilingual.

During a regular Season, things used to change a little but in relation with the preparation that every event needs. On pre-season the amount of clerks are just what the sportsbook need in that moment, but when High Season is closer, the sportsbook need to hire new employees, so they can give the quality service that they used to give.

Regular Seasons of NBA and NFL are the most important seasons in sports, everyone around the whole world know about these sports and it is important to say that these seasons leave a good gain to sportsbooks. Actually, it is another reason to take seriously this system of price per head and it advantages; this system can make a difference between many sportsbooks.

Online Sportsbooks as Major Sponsors on Sports

Written by Karol

patroIt is well known by everyone around the world that Online Sportsbooks have many difficulties with publicity and how they can do to promote their business. However, they have found a very useful way: Been sponsors of Sports.

An online sportsbook with all the necessary permissions to be a sponsor can have a big amount of benefits, but also it is a risk.  Many people who know a sponsor because of a team or sport, often don´t know what the business is about. That’s why it is recommended for online sportsbooks to transmit a TV ad so people will understand what they do and they will gain more users and clients.

Been a sports’ sponsor doesn’t mean that an online sportsbook will modify its main objective which consists in looking or recruiting clients and users.  In fact, this is the most attractive way to win people over their business.

At online sportsbook services and gambling businesses we can find many sponsors; the most usual sport chose by online sportsbooks is soccer. Such as Bwin, this sportsbook was the main sponsor of the Real Madrid on 2009 and also gives a sponsorship offer to the Barcelona FC which was bigger than Qatar’s offer.

As I mentioned at the beginning, as root of the stereotypes or beliefs that some people have about gambling services, Barcelona rejected the offer done by Bwin, they said that accepting an online sportsbook as sponsor would broke a lot of their values.

Sportium is another important bookmaker which is sponsoring the Elche CF; actually, Sportium is replacing the Codere sponsor in the t-shirts of this team.

Everest Poker was sponsoring the Olympique de Lyon; PAF was the sponsor of the Atlético de Madrid. This year the Real Betis began the season without any sponsor in their T-shirts due to the end of the contract with Cirsa.

Betfair has a new contract of sponsorship with the Snooker World Championship; is the sponsor of the World Series Poker 2013; Reta with the Bilbao Basket. An then, we have more soccer ‘sponsors; let’s say Interwetten with Sevilla FC, Unibet with the FC Copenhague and the FC Midtjylland.

And then we have small online sportsbook business who are focus on small teams with a lot of future such as Kiroljokoa who is almost signing a sponsor contract with a team named: Bandera de la Concha.

As you can see, online sportsbooks are taking a big quote of power as sponsors. There is a lot of competence trying to catch the best teams and more, but the most important thing here is that online sportsbooks are getting benefits from these sponsorships and sports are taking advantage from it.  Both are happy and we as spectators are enjoying of every sport too.