The Best Golfers of the World

Written by Karol

Tiger WoodsAll of us have a lot of dreams or goals and we fight to bring them to the real world, we are always locking for the best way to make them real.

At sports, players have a lot of dreams too and without any doubt one of them which every player have in common is the wish of been the best player in the sport that they practice. Some players have done it; with a lot of effort and trust in their selves.

As times passes, we can be witnesses of the improvement that a lot of players have had at golf, but ratings and statistics are the main owners of the last word, the last decision about who has been better.

This year results are surprising golf’s fans and spectators, until September 2013 the best golfer of the entire world is Tiger Woods and I’m saying it’s surprising because Woods had a lot of years without any victory, the only things that he got during some years were news… bad news about all his problems and as a plus to it he got an injury which made him lose a lot of games.

Tiger Woods were at the #50 of the golfers list since 2010, but this year he regained his power and enhanced his technic with a lot of practice, with a lot of effort he made some great plays during the last tournament that added gave him a score of 275, enough to win the PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational and enough to position his self at first place of the world’s ranking this year.

After him, in second place is Adam Scott 292.544 points gained just during this year, this player is well known because he used to play just on the PGA championships; this year he is doing a great job on the field and as consequence he had an average point of 9.3772.

Third Place: Phil Mickelson, he is the loyal opponent of Tiger Woods. Until September 2013 he got and average point of 8.6048 while Woods got 13.0278. Oops! Seems that competences took some advantage over Mickelson!

The next places are taken by the next players:

4° Henrik Stenson, 5° Justin Rose, 6° Rory Mclloroy, 7° Steve Stricker, 8° Matt Kuchar, 9° Brandt Snedeker and as 10°  is Jason Dufner.

There are around 300 places at the list, the ones mentioned before are the first 10 places in which we can appreciate the best players fighting between each other…

There’s nothing more than to wait for the final scores of the year, by the moment, Woods is the best player of world, one more time.


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