Will Mexico Make it Into the World Cup of Soccer?

Mexico Soccer TeamAs the preliminaries for the World Cup of soccer are almost over, Mexico, Panama and Honduras are fighting over the third and fourth spots in their division. If you don’t know much about soccer, the teams that make it into the first three positions classify to compete in Brazil during the 2014 soccer World Cup. The fourth position of this division will go against New Zealand and if they win, they will also go.

In the CONCACAF division only one more spot is available to guarantee an immediate pass since the US and Costa Rica will pass even if losing the remaining matches.

While Honduras has 11 points, Mexico and Panama both have 8.

Every match won adds 3 points, a tie 1, and losing 0.

All teams have 2 matches remaining, and if Mexico has been playing as they have so far, they are in trouble.

In order for Mexico to get 3rd place, they need to win both matches that remain and Honduras has to either tie, or lose both matches. If Honduras wins one of the remaining matches and loses the other, assuming Mexico wins both, Honduras will still get 3rd place due to the difference between both teams on previous scores.

So, we can’t count that Mexico will get third place.

As a matter of fact, there is no way that’ll happen unless pigs fly into the stadium and attack the Honduras team while playing against Jamaica.

On the other hand, fourth place is not impossible, but extremely hard.

The remaining matches for Mexico consist of Panama and Costa Rica.

Since Panama is also fighting to get 4th place, their match will be fierce. They won’t go down easy, but a tie or a win can benefit Mexico. Since Panama’s next match is against the US, and Mexico will go against Costa Rica, if Mexico ties both games and Panama loses against the US, Mexico is in. However, if Mexico loses, Panama has the advantage due to previous games scores and Mexico will be out of the race.

Finally, if Mexico manages to win against Panama, they still need at least a tie against Costa Rica to secure that 4th place. If they lose against Costa Rica and Panama somehow manages to win versus the US, Panama would take the place thanks to previous scores (even if they are tied up in points).

Now, concerning predictions, Mexico will most likely be out of the World Cup. Even if they manage to win against Panama, they shall lose to Costa Rica; and if Panama loses to Mexico, they will go all out against the US. Since the US will probably have secured first place by this moment, they won’t be giving it their all during this match, so Panama would have a good chance of winning this match.

What do you think; will Mexico be out of the next World Cup?


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