6 Mind Blowing NFL Facts

Most of us tend to watch football and enjoy it as any other American would; however, we rarely stop to think about some facts that – if you discover the truth behind them – can be quite interesting.

For that reason, I am writing this article regarding these curious facts today, which will impress you once you manage to accept them.

Without further ado, here are the 6 football facts that will blow your mind:

1) 78% of NFL players are broke a couple of years after leaving the sport


This is probably one of the most surprising facts for most as these players earn hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per contract.
Yet, when you consider that the average football career lasts between 3 and 5 years and players are in their early 20’s, things begin to make a little bit of sense.

2) The total play-time in a match averages 11 minutes.

11 minutes per game

Seems exaggerated, but during the next game have a chronometer and allow it to run only during the time that there’s a play going on. You’ll see that it’s around 8 and 14 minutes (unless you are lucky enough to take the time during an unusually heated game).

3) The longest field goal in NFL history was kicked by a man who had only half a foot!

field goal

Back on November 8th, 1970, Tom Dempsey – a 22 years old kicker for New Orleans – managed to make a 63 yard field goal. Having only 11 seconds left until the game reached its end and with New Orleans losing 16-17, against all odds, this man managed to make the longest kick registered in the league – only matched by Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos in 1998 –with only half a foot!

4) The NFL scores a forfeit 2-0


Since this is a rarely discussed rule, and it’s even less frequently applied, it gains a position among these facts.

The reason behind those 2 points lies in the fact that it’s the lowest amount of points that aren’t credited to any one player.

Ever since 1920 – moment when the American Professional Football Association was formed (it changed its name to NFL in 1922) – only one team has forfeited a game, and because the rule hadn’t been established back in 1921, the referee scored the game 1-0 (no-one knows which player received the point).

5) The League Minimum for an NFl Rookie is $405,000

lots of cash

For next year (2014), the minimum will be $420,000.

6) Since the American Professional Football Association became the National Football League in 1922, the Chicago Bears are the only team that hasn’t changed its name and/or city.

Chicago Bears

Nothing to say here, except:

Go Bears!


7) The Dallas Cowboys haven’t played in Dallas since 1971 – their stadium is in Arlington, Texas.

8) The NFL is considered a non-profit organization, thus, it’s exempt from paying taxes.

9) The NFL requires all stadiums to be built facing North/South so the sun doesn’t interfere with a play.

10) Restaurants can’t turn on the volume if sports are playing on TV.

11) The G letter on the Green Bay Packers doesn’t stand for “Green Bay”, it stands for greatness.

Author: Seth Miller


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