Horseracing Bets at Sportsbooks

Written by Karol

Horse RacingHorseracing bets are the most important fact at sportsbooks history due to the participation that this sport had as promoter of sports betting.  It is worth to say that horse racing is the crib of bets, and since that moment bets at horse racing have evolve according to the pass of the time.

The first bets at horseracing when sports betting born were the victory home team, the victory away team and the draw. Thanks to the evolution that every bet has, nowadays we can enjoy of many options at online sportsbooks.

In fact, the options at bets should be one of the main details to take on count when you are choosing a sportsbook. At horseracing, bets are standard (most of the time) or at least you can find the standard bets in any sportsbook, the variations are a plus.

The most common bets at horseracing are the Straight Bets and the Exotic Bets. The first ones are the easiest; actually, most of the bettors used to place bets in Straight Bet at sportsbooks. Let’s see the options in this type of bet:

Straight Bet – Win: In this bet you will bet for one horse to win.

Straight Bet – Place: You will bet for a horse to win at second or first place

Straight Bet – Show: It is similar than the Place bet, the difference is that you can bet for a horse to win on first, second or third position.

Straight Bet – Across the board:  In this bet the bettor can choose three horses and he will need to set a position for them. So, if he bet for horse A to win at position 1, horse B to win as 2nd and horse C as 3rd, but one of them lose the race, the bettor will lost the bet too. Sometimes the bettor can win something if he places a Show bet together.

The Exotic Bets are:

Daily Double: Is to choose a horse to win two consecutive races, it could be first two races (Early Daily Double) or the last two races (Late Daily Double)

Exacta: this wager consists in betting for two horses to win at first at second place respectively.

Exacta Box: It is like the Exacta but also the inverse will play. So, you can choose two horses (A and B) and A needs to win as 1st and B as 2nd or B as 1st and A as 2nd.

Quinella: this bet is the same of Exacta Box but it is play as Exacta.

Keying: This bet consists in choosing a horse to win at first positions and to choose four more with possibilities to win at second place.

Wheeling: It is the same than the keying, but instead of four horses, you will have the rest with possibilities to win at second place.

So, these are the most common bets at horseracing that you can find at sportsbooks, as I said before, variations will depend of the bookie that you choose.


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