Online Sportsbooks as Major Sponsors on Sports

Written by Karol

patroIt is well known by everyone around the world that Online Sportsbooks have many difficulties with publicity and how they can do to promote their business. However, they have found a very useful way: Been sponsors of Sports.

An online sportsbook with all the necessary permissions to be a sponsor can have a big amount of benefits, but also it is a risk.  Many people who know a sponsor because of a team or sport, often don´t know what the business is about. That’s why it is recommended for online sportsbooks to transmit a TV ad so people will understand what they do and they will gain more users and clients.

Been a sports’ sponsor doesn’t mean that an online sportsbook will modify its main objective which consists in looking or recruiting clients and users.  In fact, this is the most attractive way to win people over their business.

At online sportsbook services and gambling businesses we can find many sponsors; the most usual sport chose by online sportsbooks is soccer. Such as Bwin, this sportsbook was the main sponsor of the Real Madrid on 2009 and also gives a sponsorship offer to the Barcelona FC which was bigger than Qatar’s offer.

As I mentioned at the beginning, as root of the stereotypes or beliefs that some people have about gambling services, Barcelona rejected the offer done by Bwin, they said that accepting an online sportsbook as sponsor would broke a lot of their values.

Sportium is another important bookmaker which is sponsoring the Elche CF; actually, Sportium is replacing the Codere sponsor in the t-shirts of this team.

Everest Poker was sponsoring the Olympique de Lyon; PAF was the sponsor of the Atlético de Madrid. This year the Real Betis began the season without any sponsor in their T-shirts due to the end of the contract with Cirsa.

Betfair has a new contract of sponsorship with the Snooker World Championship; is the sponsor of the World Series Poker 2013; Reta with the Bilbao Basket. An then, we have more soccer ‘sponsors; let’s say Interwetten with Sevilla FC, Unibet with the FC Copenhague and the FC Midtjylland.

And then we have small online sportsbook business who are focus on small teams with a lot of future such as Kiroljokoa who is almost signing a sponsor contract with a team named: Bandera de la Concha.

As you can see, online sportsbooks are taking a big quote of power as sponsors. There is a lot of competence trying to catch the best teams and more, but the most important thing here is that online sportsbooks are getting benefits from these sponsorships and sports are taking advantage from it.  Both are happy and we as spectators are enjoying of every sport too.


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