How to Bet on Soccer – Part 1

Welcome, this is the first of two parts for this guide. For the second part, go down and click on “Next -> Part 2”.

Soccer kickIf you’re new to sports betting, or maybe not to betting per se, but soccer bets in particular, you’ve come to the right place. Along an instructive guide on how to bet on soccer you will also find several tips that will help you during all your sports betting ventures.

First of all, if you’re not new to the sports betting world you’ll probably want to skip the first two points. The first two points are to help those who are just getting started, but they can be worthwhile as reminders if you aren’t in a hurry.

Now, moving on to what you came here for; pointers for gambling on soccer with online sportsbooks:

1. Decide On A Budget Limit

This is a general tip that you want to keep in mind during all your sports betting ventures. Always decide on an amount you can afford to lose. In other words, don’t gamble money you need for housing, services, food, paying debts, or your children (if you have any).

Also, even if you win a previous bet, don’t consider everything you received as gambling money. Save the extra income and use only the amount of money allowed within the limit you established.

As a general rule, make a budget per month, and don’t make it too small or too big. Try going for an amount between $800 and $1200 if you’re just starting. If you can’t afford at least $500, I don’t recommend you start gambling. If you lose a small amount, you’ll regret it less, but if you win, having placed a small amount will make you feel unsatisfied; thus, a budget of approximately $800 ($200 per week) is ideal to satisfy your desire and control impulses.

Finally, don’t fall for the trap of thinking that you’ll be able to move the limit once and never do it again. It’s a matter of discipline, and if you break the limit once, you’ll do it again. This applies even when an online sportsbook has an amazing bonus and you need $30 more to qualify. Don’t succumb to these urges, have some self control.

 2. Select the sport

Once you have decided on your budget it’s time to move on to selecting a sport on which to place your bet.

If you have a deep understanding on how the sport works, its players, seasons, rivalries, and the different scoring systems – take for example the difference between scores within a football match and the NFL rankings – just skip ahead to the next point.

If you don’t understand the sport or certain aspects about it, please do take your time to understand everything in depth before moving on. This kind of knowledge is sometimes overlooked, and it can make a mayor difference for a gambler. Actually, variables that are often overlooked by most are the ones that make drastic changes during a match.

Although it may seem like an obvious thing to do, you’ll be surprised the amount of times people are in a rush to bet on a particular sport and don’t really understand it completely; so, before doing anything impulsive, take your time to study the sport and understand the odds.

If you rush over to place a bet because of something you heard, it may cost you the bet. Even when you’re knowledgeable about a particular sport, betting right after hearing a rumor without any confirmation of its veracity – or at least thinking it through – is among the worst things a serious gambler can do.

It’s worse if you don’t know much about a sport since you don’t really know if the information is valuable or worthless.

3. Understand the types of bets

Besides understanding the sport you want to bet on (usually will depend on the time of the year), understanding the different types of bets that are allowed for that particular sport is vital. This can vary between different online sportsbooks; however, most online sportsbooks offer what can be called “standard bets”. These bets are the ones that all online sportsbooks will have, any additional types you might find in one, don’t expect to find them in another.

This is important if you like searching for bonuses and exploring your options. Sometimes the best deal won’t be the online sportsbook that offers the bonus, but the one that offers you a particular type of bet.

Now, regarding soccer, you will find that there are 2 bets that yield the best results; this is statistically proven, so I’m not just blurting nonsense here.

The first type of bet that you want to use is “full time result”, which gives you three options, home win, away win and draw. Basically, you’re betting that the home team will win, the visitor team will win, or it will be a draw.

The second one is the over/under type of bet. In case you don’t know what over/under is, online sportsbooks select a number for this kind of bet – for example 2.5 – and you decide if the total score (adding up both teams scores) will be over or under that amount.

There are other types of soccer bets that are common among online sportsbooks, and even if they can result in massive profits if you win, the risk is too much. They are simply not worth it unless you have some kind of insider information and/or manage to fix a game.

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