How to Bet on Soccer – Part 2

Welcome, this is the second part of this guide on how to bet on soccer. For the first part, click here.

4. Compare odds on different sites

Whether it’s an online sportsbook or a sports betting related site, check several sources to gather information regarding the different odds/payouts that are being offered.

You’ll find that using multiple online sportsbooks will be in your favor, and when combining it with information coming from other gambling related sites, your odds of winning – and winning more money per bet – will improve.

Also, remember to calculate the fixed odds return.

Fixed odds are how online sportsbooks work; these take several names (money line, o/u, spread, etc…) but in the end, the importance lies in understanding the return value for the risk you are taking.

For instance, if the bookmaker offers these odds:

Home Win = 1.3

Draw = 2.5

Away Win = 5

That means that you will receive 1.3 times the amount you placed in a bet for “home win” if the home team wins ($50 x 1.3 = $65). If it finishes in a draw or the visiting team wins, you lose your money. If you went for a draw and the game ends tied up, you’ll receive 2.5 times your money ($50 x 2.5 = $125); and so on.

Options that pay more in online sportsbooks are less likely to happen; however, don’t be fooled by that basic logic. There is no entity that regulates how odds are manipulated, and bookies sometimes use this to their advantage by modifying them a bit to attract more gamblers to a certain option. If you do your homework, odds provided by sports betting sites should only serve the purpose of letting you know how much you will win; they shouldn’t be guiding your decision on whom you ought to bet.

5. Studying the situation and allocate your budget

Once you select the types of bets to use and decided on which online sportsbook to use, it’s time to distribute your funds accordingly. You can place all your money in a single bet, distribute it between several bets, or use some and save some for next week (the only acceptable way, although it’s still not recommended, to break the limit).

To determine how to distribute your bet – or if distributing it at all for that matter – you must understand and evaluate the probabilities for each possible outcome.

How complicated is the system you want to use, and how good are you at math will determine how accurate are the probabilities for each bet; however, you can also do it in a simplistic way and avoid any hassle.

If you want to keep it simple, just make an estimate of how probable is it that something happens. Using the “full time result” type of bet for this example, consider that the “home wins” option has a 70% of happening, a draw 25%, and the “away win” the remaining 5%. Since one of the options has to occur, the sum of the odds must total 100%.

Now, this is a simple distribution of probability based on a subjective point of view; yet, if you want something more objective and more accurate, you can device a system that gives certain values depending on certain factors, and then take that as a reference while considering changing factors and environment variables.

Sports betting, just as anything else that carries some kind of risk, must be taken with a serious approach if you have any intention of being a constant winner. So, by all means, if you are capable of devising a system that works, do it.

6. Follow your guts!

That’s right. Even if it contradicts some of the basic principles of sports betting, like analyzing stats and environmental factors, sometimes you just have to follow your guts.


7. Enjoy

Finally, enjoy your gambling ventures. There are times when betting stops being fun, it happens to everyone, and that’s when you need to stop gambling for a while. This is supposed to be fun, add some spice to the already heated match, and when done correctly, give you an additional income; however, if you do it because feel a need, do stop. If the urge is too great, then it’s time to seek help.

I hope this guide helps you for soccer and other sports betting ventures.


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