A new start of the NBA 2013 – 2014 Season.

nbalogo_bootup_preview2005Now its time for sportsbook and sports fans to go crazy with the new start of the NBA 2013 – 2014 season and I’m sure all fans of this great sport are been waiting anxiously for the season to begin bringing all the excitement, emotion, sensations and passion out of its fans and of course its a new start for the ones who loves to put some extra spicy sauce into the already seasoned game, and we are not talking about a barbecue, we are talking about gambling, that right all sportsbook fans are thrill and cant wait for it to start the season so they can make some extra cash while enjoying this great sport with their friends, family, girlfriend boyfriend and anyone you can meet during the season that will bring only the best of the sport, the best of the fans and the best action on your favorite sportbook.

Howard-Gortat-Orlando-Magic-WallpaperToday, October 29th 2013, one day before Halloween, we will be witness of the beginning of a new season that can only be expected to be great and that all ours sports fans cant wait for it to begin and even if its been only four months, that actually just flew away, the season has finally arrived and officially the first game of week one will be between the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers at 7 pm ET, and if you are an sportsbook fan you don’t want to miss the chance of getting some action on the first game of the season, and if you are a fan of one of these teams, you better hurry up, call your sportsbook account, activated again, get some bankroll on it and start making some wagers, but lets remember, not everything its about fun, and you are going to make a great season making some profit be smart, study all the things you need before you consider betting on you favorite sporsbook, but then afters just sit down and enjoy your favorite NBA games that are about to start.

 Bulls-ExpectationsOne hour later from the opening game between Orlando and Indiana you can’t miss the second game of the season between Chicago Bulls and Miami heat, at 8 pm ET, that also, will bring all sports fans the chance to see these great teams
starting the battle for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, as well as all the other teams that recently will start the season with a lot of excitement and the same chance to win the so precious trophy, so if you are an sportsbook fan as well you don’t want to miss the chance of placing your wager before the game start.

kobe-bryant-2But there is more action for tonight, and we are just heating the atmosphere about this game, when LA Clippers and LA Lakers will take the basketball court at 10:30 pm to put more flavor to this recipe for tonight, and don’t forget, take your phone, make a call or open your sportsbook app and go for your wager before its to late, or before the lines get to hot!!

Wow, there is a lot going on around the sports events all over that you can barely catch a breath, and its time for me to actually spot writing because all the fun, all the excitement its waiting for all of us, all sports and sportsbook fans and, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to miss a second of whats going to happened tonight, so get ready and enjoy the ride.

By Andrew Smith


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