No Time for Losers Sportsbook Strategy – Part 1

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Yes, you read that right. This is the “No Time for Losers” sportsbook strategy.

Although it is Queen’s week – meaning all my articles will make reference to one of their songs during this week – it’s also an accurate title for this article. Do take note that this is a strategy I recommend, it’s not the only one which can help you win constantly when betting in sportsbooks.

Anyway, assuming you are looking for a trustworthy strategy that’ll help you win quite often and you’re either starting or looking for a new approach with open mind, here are the steps that I employ:

1. Toss a coin

Yes, toss a coin. I gamble before betting on any sport.

If I choose the side that faces up when landing, I bet; if not, I save my money for a later bet.

Let’s make it clear, that bet would be in a sportsbook also, not in a casino with a game that will probably make you lose your money.

I usually do this when I’m not entirely sure of results. If I know exactly what’s going to happen, I go for it, but if not, I do this to check out my luck.

You can say that betting on sports is something that should be approached logically and by analyzing stats; I concur, but you have to admit that luck – most of the times – plays a key role in how things will unfold during one of these events.

If your luck is on the good side, you follow with the following steps; otherwise, you wait until the next event.

2. Research


If you pass the luck test, next thing in schedule is to do some research regarding several things related to the event you will be betting on.

Let’s take for example some match between two contenders in any given sport, to avoid discrepancies from other types of events like horseracing which are also available in sportsbooks.

When you are making some research to bet in a match that’ll feature two teams of a certain sport, the first thing to do – even before researching the teams or their players – is to understand the sport.

If you know how the sport works, great, but you also need to know how these teams are perceived by the general audience. Figure out if it will be a match that actually has some value for gamblers.

If you’re going to be one of the few placing a bet, it’s not worth it (normally).

Then – considering the match is worthwhile from a gamblers point of view – you need to research the teams. Find out what out their stats, recent win/lose record, key players, trainer’s strategy, trainer’s past failures and trainer’s past successful teams.

You need to know these as if you are the owner. Heck, even better that the owner.

If a player sneezes, you need to know about it.

Then, do some research on each player.

How consistent is (s)he and how has (s)he been performing lately?

Is there some issue with his/her performance?

If so, which is it?

How can it affect the match?

Will (s)he be playing in the match, or is someone else going to cover that spot with the original roster?

These among other questions that help you determine the value of each player for each team, will help you improve your understanding of how the team works, and how accurate are the stats you find from third-parties.

The data may be correct, but maybe those stats are based on the performance of just a few players, and if two of those can’t play, the team becomes useless. I’m not saying that’s the case for a particular team, but it can happen. That’s why it’s important to study everything.

The final aspect regarding research would be to take into account other factors (mostly external).

You need to consider pressure exerted by fans, climate, terrain, rivalry, etc…

Sportsbooks will provide you with some information – usually in their news section – but not all. You’ll need to look outside sportsbooks and probably dig deeper than you can through the Internet. You’ll need to be on top of everything that’s going on.

Next: Part 2


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