ThanksGiving best moments in NFL History

NFL-ThanksgivingWell all know that turkey day its about cooking to enjoy this national holiday with mashed potatoes, the delicious gravy and the smell of the pumpkin pie in the oven with the family or friends together ready to enjoy the American tradition of sharing and be with your love ones, the day we say grace for all the good things we have in life and praying for something amazing happening on the NFL games that will make history like many other in the past, and that what it all about and that’s why we all are waiting for every season to happened and to witness the amazing things that always brings this great sport to the table and even better if you have some action on your favorite online sportsbook that will pay for all the good things you have on your table for your love ones.

Why not, come on, lets be honest, we all want some additional juice on top of that turkey, and if you can get some winnings from the action we are going to take over your favorite online sportsbook, I don’t think your girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband will say anything if you get them a nice present or take them out for a romantic dinner or more, use your imagination, but don’t forget to get some action in your online sportsbook to get the extra gravy on top of your turkey action and add some juice to the amazing meal we will have on the NFL on November 28th.

 Well lets get to the point here that I’m sure you may be reading this because you love history, or the sport or you are an online sportsbook enthusiast or just because you want to read something new about turkey day lets see some of those moments in NFL history.

Turkey_display_imageAccording to the experts the best Turkey day moment its about the Cowboys rookie quarterback Clint Longley in 1974, the replace Roger Staubach because of an injure but the rookie threw an amazing 50 yard touchdown pass to Drew Pearson before the clock was over to defeat the Redskins, the amazing comeback of this rookie on 1974 make him the number one moment in history of the NFL Thanksgiving day.

 Who doesn’t remember the stupidity of Leon Lett that didnt let go of that ball in one of the most bizarre and worst conditions in the history of Texas field for a football game, Leon went for the ball an slide and give the opportunity to the Dolphins at the end of the game when Dallas had the match on this favor, comes Leon and make one of the most stupid errors in the history of Thanksgiving day. I’m sure many online sportsbook fans may remember that day.

New-turkeysThe online sportsbook fans can’t forget either the Dolphins day on Thanksgiving record by doing in 1977 an amazing game for 55 points on the St. Louis Cardinals lead by Bob Griese throwing six touchdowns only tied by Peyton Manning since that year. Or how about the mistake of the coin toss made by the referee Phil Luckett on Thanksgiving day of 1998 and finally on this list, the O.J’s Simpson big day, not the other one, but the one he set up the record of 273 yards on Thanksgiving day of 1976.

I mean, Thanksgiving day brings to all the online sportsbook fans and fans and lovers of this amazing game many great moments in history of the NFL, and lets hope for the best that maybe this year will be getting another amazing moment that will be part of history, and I want to be there.  

By Andrew Smith


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