Pay per Head: A Solution to your Business

Written by Karol

solutionsIf you are one of those agents who think that sports betting business is something from the past, that it has not future, and more… You haven’t met the Pay per Head Service.

Pay per Head can relive your business and give you results that you are not expecting; you can enhance your business faster than what you think, and you can perceive gains soon.

Can you realize your Sports betting business giving quality service? Been the best bookie of the market?

Some books are offering this service, but do you really know what is it about? This is a tool which opens the industry to the little businesses and let them be competitive and win clients over their service.

Pay per Head means more services and benefits for you as an agent. Around hundred clerks would be there giving attention to your clients and receiving your bets, clerks who are constantly trained and are 100% bilingual, under the supervision of Managers with more than 7 years inside the industry of Online Sportsbooks.

With Pay per Head you will have the dreamed web page that you want. With many personalized options according to what you need and want, actually, you can choose the design of your site.

Your clients will have access to some determinate online sites in which they can take a look of how the odds are for the games of their interest. However, they will need profiles and an account to log in; you will have all the necessary tools to do it, you can personalize each profile depending on the bettor and what he needs.

Thanks to pay per head you don’t need to be answering calls or taking beds, because a big and good prepare team will be doing it for you. The only thing that you need to do is to pay a fee to the book and they will give you everything they have.

Any of your clients will know about this, they will not know that you are using pay per head service, they will enjoy of the amazing service that you as agent can give them, and they will bring more clients for you.

Trust me; Pay per Head is what you are looking for!


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