Best Players at Sports Betting or Gambling

Written by Karol

360_bfox0212Inside every industry or business we can find the best of something, let’s say the best employee, the best musician, the best dog, the best soccer player, the best casino, the best restaurant, the best bettor.

It used to happen that we already know who the best soccer players are, let mention some of them: Do you know who is CR7? Or Messi, Neymar? Of course you know about them.

And what if I mention LeBron James or the Manning players? All sports fans know about them, but nobody knows who is the best Sports Betting player or the best gambling player. That’s why I want to expend the rest of this article talking about the best gambling players.

At first place we have Edward Thorp, he is a genius of mathematics, and he has many degrees from very good known universities at physics and mathematics. Actually, he was the one who invent the cards-counting, and the first of seven guys inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Richard Marcus is one of the most important bettors of the entire history, it turns out that this guy is the cheater number one at casinos and it gave him a fortune of more than $5 million. At first instance, Richard lost everything and actually he was living under a bridge but one he start using his talent on cheating, he began to win. Of course, the law caught him after he won the fortune.

The MIT Blackjack Team, this team is good known thanks to a movie named “21 Blackjack” from 2008. It began as a meeting club after class at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Inside this club were the most amazing students at mathematics and physics, they learned the card-counting and take it to a high level.

Louis Colavecchio “The Coin”, in my personal opinion this guy was an amazing “bettor”, he creates his own machines to elaborate the casino’s coins so he cheat in every casino to win some money with fake coins. When the police found him and his equipment, they made a deal in which Louis has to teach them and help them finding false coins.

Bob Voulgaris, he is the most amazing bettor at sports betting, especially at basketball. He won millions of dollars with his own technics, however around the 2004 hi began to lost, and he lost big amounts of money.

These players are one of the best at sports betting or gambling. Of course, there are many others, but they are the most important inside the industry.


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