How do Sportsbooks Set lines?

Written by Karol

When you join to a sportsbook you can see how easy is to place a bet because the sportsbook gives you all the odds and lines that you need to fulfill your betting process.

But, have you ever thought how sportsbooks do to set lines?

Inside the sportsbooks industry is another business which is named: Linemakers, this business is the one who creates odds and lines and let us enjoy them from the confortable of our homes if we use online sportsbooks to place our bets.

There are two types of Linemakers: the oddsmakers and the bookmakers. The oddsmakers create the odds and lines but they sell it to win some money, in the other site are the bookmakers not only create their own lines, they also win some money taking bets that are based in their odds.

These guys are wizards at sports, they have knowledge about everything: players, stadiums, countries, fans, coaches, plays, teams and more. These people need to know the player’s injuries and they have to study how the environment and the field could affect the teams and the game.

Usually, sportsbooks used to buy odds and lines from the Linemakers, especially from the oddsmakers. But, there is another important detail, the famous: Vig or Juice.

The vig or juice is the gain that sportsbooks will have from each bet that bettors place. From that comes the “reduce juice” which is a trend in which the risk of losing money is less for bettors and the gains will be less for sportsbooks.

Ok, the thing with the juice is that sportsbooks need to have a balance between the underdog and the favorite. If they see that odds given by the oddsmaker are not profitable, they began to manage it and putting it in a best way. That’s why you can see that a sportsbook has better odds than others.

Of course, there are some sportsbooks who creates their own lines and have a character of bookmaker at the same time. But, in simply words that’s how sportsbooks create lines for all their bettors.


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