How to make a bet periods in Hockey

HOW TO Sports BettingHockey is one very interesting sport. It’s one of the few whose rulebook includes a section called Physical Fouls, with subsections such as Head-butting, Illegal Check to the Head (as opposed to a legal check to the head?), Kicking, Kneeing, and the list goes on. And unlike 90% of team sports, it is not divided in two halves, but in three periods.

You can normally find all three period lines listed before the game goes off. And the lines offered are usually the same as what is offered for the complete game: moneyline, total and puckline.

Make sure you contact your sportsbook or enter its website and familiarize yourself with their set of hockey rules.

Once you have all the information, you’re ready to begin:

  • Call your sportsbook and after giving the clerk your account number and password, ask for the line of the game you’re interested in. You might be interested in several games, in which case you can ask for a hockey period rundown.
  • Write the lines down. This is a good idea if you need time to study them, or so you can compare them later on and learn how the lines moved during the day.
  •  Study the lines. Remember that when betting on periods you are betting on what happens exclusively in that time. So basically, for betting purposes, the slate is wiped clean at the beginning and end of each period. Whatever score there was up to that point is reset and it goes back to 0-0.
  • Bet the game. Once you decide what you want, let the clerk know by saying the team you want (or the over or under on the total) and the amount. Remember to specify you want a period and which one you want. If you just say the team name you will be given a bet for the whole game. For example: “I want the Calgary Flames in the third period for twenty.”
  • Listen to the readback. The clerk will ask you at this point if you need anything else. You can get more lines, or ask about your balance. If you’re done, say so, and the clerk will proceed to read your play (or plays) back to you. It is very important to listen to the readback carefully. Make sure you’re getting what you asked for (team, line and amount); otherwise you might end up with a play you didn’t want.
  • Confirm your play. If the readback is correct, confirm your play by giving the sportsbook clerk your account number again. He will thank you and end the call.
  • Enjoy the game!


  1. Be polite to your clerk! You never know when you might need them to give you an extra minute or two on a game about to start.
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