NFC Championship 2014 – San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks.

nfl-seahawks-49ersThe NFC Championship 2014 will be hosted by the Seattle Seahawks at the CenturyLink Field Arena and its going to bring the best of the conference between the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, and as many people are talking in different media, they deserve to be the ones, the best two teams in the conference to battle against each other for the honor of holding not only the NFC trophy, but also to get one of the precious golden tickets to the NFL Super Bowl 48th 2014, both are great teams and have their strengths and weaknesses but the only thing we, sports fans and sportsbook fans know is that this game will bring the best out of the teams to give the show the fans and the sports world deserve.

 Both teams have face them selfs before during the regular season and this time they are going to clash for the AFC Championship but also this two conference rivals have their eyes on a bigger target, the Super Bowl or just go home, the game its schedule for this coming Sunday, January 19th 2014 at 6:30 pm ET.

 6997096Seahawks may have the overall advantage, but 49ers has proven to be one of the top rush defense of the NFL, allowing less yards than the Seahawks during the regular season and if you watch the game between the 49ers and Panthers you may get my point, the Panthers where so close as 1.5 yards from the 49ers zone but they coudnt penetrated, so that is key for the 49ers success up to this point.

 The Seahawks will have the field advantage and a great offensive as part of the strategy and according to website, they are not allowing ticket sales to the residents of California because the 49ers fans are always on the road with their team, this may sound and actually looks like a bad move but the home team has the call and they can do it (as a personal opinion I think it really stinks), but that is part of the game, they have already the home field advantage and also have one of the strongest offensive of the NFL for them to banned the 49ers fans to assist and enjoy this match up between this great teams.

 49ers-vs.-Seahawks-LinesOn the sportsbook industry the lines and stakes are moving and the sportsbook fans are doing their math and picking their best plays for this great event on Sunday, as well as the AFC game played the same day, the Seahawks are favorite to win by -3 point spread and the total OVER/UNDER 39, according to the most reliable source of free live odds,

 The best of the best will battle this weekend and only we can sit tied to be the witnesses of the best action on the NFL and sports can provide, the fans are just hoping for their favorite team to win and carry on to the next stage, to win the golden ticket to the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014. And if you are an sportsbook enthusiast, don’t forget to enjoy the action and have all the fun you are looking for.

By Andrew Smith


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