Sports Betting Principles

Albeit we all have different ways of betting, there are 6 basic principles all gamblers who bet on sports should be constantly be aware of; we have heard them a countless amount of times, but at some point we always tend to forget (or ignore them since we think we know better).

These sports betting principles aren’t rules per se, but it’s wise to follow them as these have been constantly found to be the primary points to winning since decades (or even centuries) ago.

The 6 principles are:

Never bet more than you can afford to lose

This is pretty much a rule instead of a guideline. The reason behind it is quite obvious, but what should also be considered is creating a budget so you can distribute your money through several bets to recover from any losses you perceive during the period.

Select the events carefully

This can be pretty much summarized into “do your homework”. Although there are many different ways to study the factors which can help anticipate the result of an upcoming event, all involve effort; some take time to watch sports, others study history of the teams and players, there are those who take a mathematical approach, and there are those who make a mix of these.

In the end, if you want a better chance of winning more constantly, you have to do your homework.

If you don’t like the odds, wait for them to change or don’t bet

There will be times when you are pretty sure a certain team will win, but the odds (whether the spread, o/u, or any other) and lines aren’t on your side; during such moments don’t bet just for the sake of gambling; wait and see if these change enough for you to have a better chance, and if they don’t, avoid placing the bet.

Be patient

Patience is a virtue – or so they say – and it’s quite necessary when emotions start taking control of decisions. Although emotions are necessary to make the right decisions in life, losing all logic-reasoning to an emotional decision can lead to disaster.

When you feel rushed to place a bet for any particular reason, take some time before making any gambling-related decisions. Also, when you lose don’t fret over it, and if you do, wait until you’re calm to consider a next bet.

Learn to lose

Losing is good; not so much for your pockets, but for you to learn where things go wrong.

Don’t beat yourself over it, even the best have losing weeks/months; just be smart and take some time to figure out why things turned out the other way.

Did you make a mistake, or was it just an unlucky fluke?

Tame your gut-based actions

Following your guts can lead to great rewards, but first you must tame it so it understands when to give you feedback. You must take proper decisions based on your analysis first, and once you have been in the sports-betting industry for a year or two – and having more victories than defeats – it’s time to take into consideration your instincts.

The two exceptions are when you have been following and analyzing teams since before betting on sports (you may trust your instincts since the beginning), and when you can’t get over a 3::7 win::lose ratio.

Follow those six principles and you should be able to improve your win-lose ratio.

Hopefully this will help you out in your future ventures.

Author’s G+: Seth Miller


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