Best Customer Service with Pay per Head

Written by Karol

CapturaMaybe you are thinking: why Customer Service? Or what’s Pay per head? If you are doing the first question to yourself, you can continue reading, but if you are asking you the second question and you are an agent… Please keep reading and you will learn about the service that will make you love sports betting and will help your business to grow up.

An agent without knowledge on Pay per Head is destined to lose clients and to stagnate. That’s why you as an agent need to know about it and take some action on your business because the industry on gambling and sports betting is grown up with new trends.

Pay per head is a big and complete service that Books or Sportsbooks offer and give many advantages to those who adopt it. Between all the benefits is the Customer Service.

And I really like to emphasizes on this part of the service because many times, people forget about treating nice others with the aim of winning clients over their business. Tell me, how do you feel when you go to a restaurant and employees treat you as something without importance? In my personal opinion, I never come back to those places where I don’t feel comfortable with the service that they give me.

Even if the service that you are offering is online, your clients deserve to have the must quality customer service. That’s why Pay per Head takes this point very serious and depending of the sportsbook who offer you the service, you will have the best option for your clients.

Just as an example, ABCperhead is one of the best sites who offer this service and this business has make available through the Pay per Head a complete customer service department with around 50 or more trained and bilingual clerks.

This people is prepared to answer all your calls, and take all the bets from your bettors; while you just have to receive the reports, and more information about your clients  movements.

That’s why if you are an agent and you have never listened about Pay per Head, this is the perfect moment to know it. And if you already know it but you are not using it, what are you waiting for?

Time to grow up Agents!


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