The New NFL Champs 2014 – The Rise of the Underdogs and the Crush of the Favorites.

super_bowl_wide-f9e50d6caaf92a0def2222aa73a1a04ef45d0912-s6-c30What exactly happened on January 2nd and I mean it, the favorites to win the Super Bowl 2014, Denver Broncos got completely destroyed by the great defense and the amazing game of the Seattle Seahawks who were completely focus on one goal, the Lombardi Trophy.

Like some may say, “The greatest Defense is the best Offense” and I think this is whats been happening on the last Super Bowls and that’s exactly what happened to Denver Offense that crush them to the ground and let the Seahawks raise from the ashes as the Super Bowls XLVIII Champions, and personally I want to congratulate them for been the best team on the field providing the passion and the action we all need it, we all sports fans and sportsbook fans love about this great game.

Russell WilsonI’m really impressed about the performance of Seahawks and actually very disappointed about Peyton Manning, sorry, Denver Broncos Crew, because they where nothing in the field, I know things happened, and I get it, more often than you may know, but if you witness the game as I did, you only saw one team playing like no other, battle for the precious Lombardi Trophy and I will give that to the Seahawks. They didn’t mind they where the underdogs on every single media or sportsbook, or that everyone was talking about Denver as they where already the Champions, including my self, I must say, giving everything in the field for their fans, for them self to be proud today of the greatest accomplishments in the National Sports to be call Super Bowl Champions for the 1st time and be part of the NFL History.

So many errors on the Broncos defense and offense where part of the fall of this great team, because after all they deserve the chance to be on that game for all they did during the regular season, but at the end, wasn’t good enough to beat the even better game the Seahawks perform on the field at MetLife Stadium and with over 111 million viewers, sports fans, and sportsbook fans all over the world for one of the greatest sports in the history of mankind.

Super-Bowl-Seattle-Seahawks-makeup-tutorialStill think that Denver gave the best they could even dough wasn’t good enough to break the defensive line of the Seahawks and you need to give all the credit to them, the greatest performance of the night bringing out the passion of this sport into the field and gave the sports and sportsbook fans what they where looking for on a Super Bowl Match Up. Peyton Manning is still consider the best quarterback in the NFL and you can crush his legacy with just one blow out where the Seahawks dominate every single play on every single quarter of the game.

Again, I want to congratulate the Seattle Seahawks for their Championship, to all its fans and the sportsbook ones that make a killing on their bets, this year historical moment its to the most amazing defense that completely over run the offense of Denver and become the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Champions 2014.

By Andrew Smith


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