Facts about the Olympics.

©-POPULOUS-Sochi-2014-Olympic-Stadium_Internal1There is always funny stories and things that happened before, during and after sports events happens and the Sochi Olympics in Russia are not going to be the exception to have some of the action we all sports fanatics and even sportsbook enthusiast love about every single event that brings the passion and excitement from every single sport in the history of human kind, so let’s review some of those facts in this article.

 Already breaking records.

 record_2242Sochi Olympics 2014, the 22nd edition of the winter games is the biggest and have more participants, between athletes and countries in history of the winter Olympics. This year edition broke the previous record set by the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver of 82 nations and a little over 2500 athletes. This year 88 nations qualified for the Olympics with more than 2800 athletes participating in the different disciplines and winter sports events.

 Most expensive Olympics.

 The original budget to modernize, organize and set up all the telecommunications, electric power, transportation and infrastructure for the events and for the town to be ready for the events was at US$12 billion dollars and because several factors, some of them already controversial, the budget went up over US$51 billions breaking another record surpassing the cost of 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing 2008 by US$7 billions.

 The Olympic Torch’s Journey to Sochi 2014.

 Did you know that the torch relay last a total of 123 days since it was ignited on Olympia, Greece in October of 2013 starting his journey over some pretty amazing, outrageous and incredible stops all over the world including the North Pole with the help of a gigantic nuclear Icebreaker ship on October 2013, also flew to the space inside a Soyuz rocket on November 2013 that took the torch to the Spacecraft and International Space Station that orbits the Earth in outer space. Also was taken to the deepest fresh water lake in the world (Lake Baikal in Siberia) and also climb to the top of the highest European mountain, the Mount Elbrus in Russia with an elevation over 18 thousand feet (more than 5 thousand meters). Well I think that if they took them to space why take it to a mountain, buts its amazing and funny the journey of the torch.

 Infamous USSR Leader favorite Resort.

 This is something to consider when visiting Sochi, Joseph Stalin built a home vacation right in the middle of the city, so if you are wondering around the city you may want to consider check on it, take some pictures and share with the world. Sochi was also the only resort that Russia had for a very long time, since the old Soviet Union and its know as the “Russian Rivera” because of is subtropical weather making the city the warmest ever to host and Olympic Winter games.

 New Competitions.

 Lindsey-VanThis year the games will have new events, actually twelve total, according to the organization and all winter sports fans and sportsbook fans will be able to enjoy including biathlon mixed relay, women’s ski jumping, mixed team figure skating, mixed team luge, half-pipe skiing, ski and snowboard slope style and snowboard parallel slalom.

 As you can see there is a lot of thing to see and funny thing to know about the Sochi Winter Olympics games in Russia and I hope you can enjoy all the action that will come with it, and if you are a sportsbook enthusiast wish you all the best. Enjoy.

By Andrew Smith


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