Being a Glasshole

Written by Karol

glassholeCurrently, inside the urban dictionary we can find the word: Glasshole; but what does it means? Why does it were born? How can you avoid being one of them while you are testing it?

It was born with the hand of the new technology invented by Google which is name Google Glass; they are currently on their explorer model which is for testing the product and just a few people have it.

For those who don’t know about G. Glass, this is a new technological devise which will satisfy all our imagination needs, even those that we thought would never happen while we were alive.

Such as in the movies, this advises will follow your orders through your voice and will be wear just as glasses. However, problems with people who already have their explorer advice have been experiencing not only the magic of the product; they have been a great point for hard critics.

The thing is that it can be uncomfortable for people who are around you while you are using your Google Glass, it can be as uncomfortable as to be talking with a person who cannot keep his/her eyes out of his/her phone.  That’s why, people with Google Glass who have a bad on inadequate behavior while using it are named Glasshole.

And due to this new word create by people and found in the urban dictionary, Google has created some rules to avoid being a Glasshole:

Glass-out: Google Glass is not for using every time, let’s see: you cannot read or you don’t used to read a book since your glasses, right? Well, if you try to do it, every time you will seem kind of weird in front the people. And then you will be named: Glasshole.

Rock Glass while doing high-impact sports: Doing impact sports with Google Glass is not a good idea; I mean… it is a technological device, not part of your sports kit.

Wear it and expect to be ignored:  What you are using, nobody else will have it soon. That’s why many people will look at you as a weird thing. They will be curious, and it would be great if you can explain them what it is.

Be creepy or rude:  If somebody asks you to turn off your Glass, do it. Because it can be seen as another phone, and after all, it has some apps in common.

These are some advises that Google is giving to all the people with Google Glass; however, if you see or notice that something that you are doing is letting you as an Glasshole… Stop doing it!!


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