Online Sportsbook Propaganda

Gambling is something we have been doing as humans for a long time, however, more recently we have experienced an accelerated pace of technological progress which has made it possible to do things which weren’t possible a few decades ago.

Among these breakthroughs, the increased accessibility of the Internet (as well as devices which allow for fast connections and quick display time) is possibly the most influential improvement we have experienced, and along it came the possibility to create online sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks started as a mysterious new thing in the late 1990’s and at that point most people were still not used to using the Internet – which is also the reason why many didn’t trust digital security and avoided betting in online sportsbooks – thus, it took until the beginning of the 21st century for most people to start venturing into wagering in these venues.

Unfortunately many sportsbooks were constantly attacked by third parties, and due to the limited advances in system security several cases of information being stolen or corrupted happened.

Since then online sportsbooks have yet to gain mayor momentum. Although there are many who use these venues today – and they know that it’s pretty much safe – most gamblers still opt to look for local bookies or travel all the way to the nearest brick-and-mortar sportsbook.

Although the environment is one of the reasons to go to those places, reality is that if most people trusted that their information is safe online, they would prefer to use online sportsbooks and bet from the comfort of their home.

The fact that there is continuous propaganda stating that the Internet is not safe and that online sportsbooks are an easy way to get caught betting (whether it’s legal or not where you live) is a common misconception. If some kind of authority suspected you’re betting (or your bookie is taking bets), and they really wanted to catch you, they’d do it as fast as if you were betting online (maybe even faster).
Author’s G+: Seth Miller.


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