Online Sportsbooks Will Evolve, Brick-And-Mortar Ones Won’t

Although we have been using brick-and-mortar sportsbooks for a long time, and most people don’t trust the Internet enough to bet through online sportsbooks, it’s time to accept reality; Internet sportsbooks will continue to evolve as technology progresses, while their tangible counterparts will remain stuck doing the same old things.

This doesn’t mean that tangible sportsbooks are doomed, or that they will not be useful anymore, but you’ll lose a lot of opportunities by not using online sportsbooks to place your bets.

Not so long ago online sportsbooks began offering the “live wagering” option, which allows you to bet on multiple things while the game is taking place (you can bet on the following play if you wanted to). This is possible because it’s an automated system, while traditional books have clerks taking all bets, making it impossible to take all bets in time play by play.

And that’s just the beginning of the gap which will continue to grow between the two types of books.

Traditionally one of the most valued aspects which keep players from making the transition to online sportsbooks is the speed at which you can withdraw earnings – until recently you needed to make a request and wait some time until the transfer was completed or a check came in your mail – however, recently Ladbrokes announced that they will soon release “debit cards” of their own which allow gamblers to withdraw earnings immediately on any ATM. This being possible takes away one of the few advantages that brick-and-mortar books had managed to retain over online sportsbooks. Knowing you can cash-out anywhere in the world as fast as you want once your money isn’t tied up to a bet or another transaction is a revolutionary step towards online sportsbooks taking over the sports betting industry.

Online sportsbooks are much more comfortable and allow the opportunity to do much more in terms of betting than traditional venues can, and as technology continues to improve, soon these sportsbooks will be the common norm – right now less than 20% of the sports betting community uses them, mostly due to paranoia of information being easily accessible through the Internet – and when that time comes, we can expect things to continue to evolve at an even faster pace.

Author’s G+: Seth Miller.


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