Recognizing You Have a Gambling Problem

Although we host a gambling venue (Jazz Sports), we care about people with serious gambling problems. We don’t believe that you should continue wagering if you’re a gambling addict and that addiction is affecting your life in a negative way. If you’re making a living out of it, or have enough money to spare and continue betting without perceiving extremely negative consequences (like provoking family issues, being in debt, selling things or reducing costs by eliminating necessary purchases like food in order to bet), by all means, go ahead. We’ll give you amazing deals and you’ll be able to bet at your heart’s content in our online sportsbook; however, if you have a problem, you need to accept it first.

The first step is the hardest one to take. This applies with everything, from taking your first step as a baby and then walking to making a million dollars and then much more. Actually, the case of the million dollars only applies if you have actually worked and busted your ass to get them; if you obtained that sum of money in some other way (or for some reason after all that work you are still incredibly frugal), then that won’t necessarily apply.

In any case – before I change the subject – if you’re betting way too much and constantly losing more than you can afford to lose, maybe it’s time to consider you might have a gambling problem. If you want to prove otherwise, go ahead and keep watching sports, watching others make bets and be on top of different lines in sportsbooks; if you can hold for a whole month without feeling extremely anxious to make a bet (or actually making one), then you’re fine.

Yet, if you fail that trial, you better consider the fact that you have a gambling addiction and start taking steps to control it (give your money to your spouse and talk with them about this problem, assist group meetings, avoid anything that entices you to gamble, etc…).

We run a sportsbook, which means we make a living of taking bets, but we don’t want to ruin your life by doing so; so, if you have been gambling a lot (especially if it’s money you were saving for something else, or you needed for something important) please consider the fact that you might need to stop. It’s not your fault, gambling can be addictive, and anyone can become an addict of virtually anything.


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