Google New Technology & Sportsbooks

Writing by Karol

android-wearNew trends are taking a big place in the present; if you want to be successful you need to improve your business, you need to offer more than what your clients or market expect and be very good in what you do.

Google is one of these businesses that use to improve their service and products and they look for the first opportunity to do something extraordinary with what they currently are.  Google is more than just a browser, this company has been development many technological devices that some years ago just inside our imaginations exist, and currently they will put a mark in the present and everything will change.

Why do I am trying to establish a relation between Google and Sportsbooks? Because in some way Google brings consequences to this important industry; when technology takes place, somehow it will affects positive or negative.

One of the devices that have made vibrate the whole earth is the Google Glass. Many of us already know them and I can describe them as the smart glasses that everyone wants, just a few words are enough to give it an instruction or to do what you want…

“Ok Glass, Take a picture”; that’s everything what you need to do, say what you want and Glass will do it for you. It will give you information, directions, maps, calls, video chats, text messages, photos and more.

What happened with Glass and the sportsbooks is not so good because it brought bad consequences. People who want to play at casinos and live sportsbooks cannot wear Glass because it can be easy to cheat by recording or doing some relative things. Some countries have already set a rule against this device inside the sportsbooks and casinos, and it this example we can notice the influence that this technology has inside the industry.

The new one is the Android Wear; it is a watch but with almost the same functions than the Google Glass, but here you cannot record videos or take pictures, but you can have control of many things, notifications, information, and record voice, receive some text messages and more.

But, do you think that this new device which is under construction, can affect the sports betting industry in some way? Or it can be a benefit? How can we implement the sportsbooks industry in this new Google’s product?

Everything gets connect in real life, let’s think a little bit! Maybe there can be a connection with your phone app and it can make easy all the process. Share your opinion with me!


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