Which Team Will Win the World Cup of Soccer?

As sports betting practitioners we can’t let pass an event like the World Cup of Soccer without making a few bets; among those there’s one that has gamblers betting since now – there’s still two months to go until the tournament begins at the time this article is being written – and the bet is based on which team will become the next world champion.

Although many people say this is an easy call, mostly because they are not using their brains but their egos to bet, this is actually a complicated question.

Which teams will make it to the final round, and between those two, which will be triumphant?

Odds are favoring Brazil right now, but as time draws closer those numbers will certainly shift.

As mentioned, we are still two months away from the beginning of this tournament, and many things can happen to change the probability each team has of making it through; there are certain teams that are pretty much doomed because they ended up in very unbalanced initial groups, but many will have to put on a big fight to make it into the next round, so if certain players get injured, sick or something else happens which affects the team between now and the beginning of the tournament, odds can change (which is actually more probable for odds to change than for these to remain the same).

Although these are not definite, I’d suggest you keep an eye on Portugal, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Although Spain is not at its best and is playing on South America, it’s quite possible that they’ll make it to the quarterfinals; from that point on it’s hard to predict right now without having done a more thorough research of all the teams, but they can be capable of defending their title and winning the cup once again.

Portugal is a good team, and assuming they get second place in the initial group, they will most likely make it to quarterfinals and have a strong chance of passing to semi-finals, here they would probably meet Spain or Germany, so it’s a tough call.

Germany has a great team, however, Brazil’s environment will most likely take a toll on them, reason for which I’m not saying they will win (if the cup was help in Europe I’d go for Germany).

Finally, on the other side we will probably see Brazil playing vs. Argentina, Italy or England in the semifinals.

In my opinion, the final match will be Brazil vs. Portugal and Portugal will win (as of right now), but I guess we will have to wait and see what happens during these two months.

If you’re thinking on betting to the winner on a sportsbook, wait at least a month (if possible a bit more) before deciding; there are too many unpredictable variables right now.

Author’s G+: Seth Miller.


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