The best Price Per Head Services for your bookie business.


With many different companies available in the price per head market providing different types of products and services is important that you know about the best prices in the industry for you to make the best decision that will guarantee the success of your business providing the best services to the most important asset of your organization including the technology, the promotions the variety and many other features a price per head company must provide to add value to your operations and the satisfaction your clients deserve for an affordable price per head to suit your needs.

 Many bookies may ask, but what is this price per head services, well is actually very simple, price per head is just a company that provides data processing services allowing you to have a safe and secure, legal and professional services to your clients data base, so instead of you having to make hand tickets, receiving calls and making wagers, the price per head company will do all the logistics by giving you a great software that will assist you to manage your clients data base, profiles, wagers, limits and more, all this great services you will have it available for a small fee per week, but this fee you pay will depend on the amount of customers you have, and its important you find the best price from the best company that will guarantee your success for you to have a more profitable and competitive services.

 There are some price per head companies that will offered you only one fee regardless the amount of customers you have on your data base, and no matter the amount, if you have 1 or more than 1500 clients on your data base they will charge the same for same features. But here are companies that will think and care about growing with you and will give you the chance to have a lower price per head and will adapt the price depending on the amount of customers you bring to provide the services you will give them if you partner with a price per head company.

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 For example, ABC price per head has one of the most competitive rates and fees for the amount of services you will have from a price per head company in the industry. Like other competitors have a fixed fee of $10 no matter the amount of customers you have or other companies that will give you a fee of $5 for just a small amount of services that goes up to $20 if you get the a full premium services, ABC per head will provide you a fee that will adapt to you, depending on the amount of customers, what makes a great difference between this company and the rest of the price per head companies is that will provide all the services, all the products, services, security and more for a fee of $14 if you have from 2 – 50 players and will go down to only $5 if you have 1500 or more.

 As you can see, there is a big difference between price per head companies, but if you really are looking forward to grow and have the advantage in a competitive price per head industry you need to get the most competitive company and price per head only the best one, ABC price per head will provide you.

By Andrew Smith


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