The Advantages of Reduced Juice.


If you are an online sportsbook enthusiast and love to do so, you know how important is for a company to provide you with the best value on the bets that you make with then, the juice, also call vigorish (will see the concept of that in a moment), is a key factor to your success and can bring to your online sportsbook experience, reduced juice can provide you with that advantage you need every time you wager and will help the online sportsbook enthusiast by lowering the amount they have to lay in order to win.

If you are a conscious gambler, you know that if you have a line that will guarantee a less amount to risk for a better outcome is a win situation, because when you are using your bankroll you are going to take certain percentage out of it to take the risk to win the online sportsbook event you are placing your money on, and what if the amount you risk on your bet is lower that the average online sportsbook is going to give you an edge advantage and you may safe a lot of cash if you consider the amount of money you are risking on all the event during a season.


The juice or vigorish (or vig if you want) is the amount of money the online sportsbook charge to take your bets, let put it as a fee for taking your action, that sounds better, and this juice is normally a 10% of the amount you risk to win $100. So for example if you are taking a normal juice you need to risk $110 to win $100.

But how about if the amount you have to risk is lower, well some online sportsbook companies provide this type of services and they have the best and most competitive juice in the market, for example This online sportsbook company provide the reduce juice advantage to their customers and you need to know why, because can make you safe some money and according to the industry this is one of the most powerful tools for the smart gamblers in the industry.

When you have a bankroll (this is the budget you will have to wager during the sport season of your preference) you are going to wager from 5% to 7% on your favorite sports for you to have a 50% or 60% rate, if you really play smart. With a normal online sportsbook juice of 10% you know that if you lose its going the house is going to take that percent out of the wager, and in most cases that’s what happened. But with the reduce juice, you can save from $3 to $5 every time you are going to place a wager on your favorite online sportsbook. This means that if at the end, you can save money and have a great advantage that can only bring you benefits.


Lets see this as an example.

Let’s say you make 1100 plays a year, with a 53% win (this is actually a great rate) making around 3 plays a day, that means you are winning 583 times and loosing 517 times.

If you risk the standard juice 10% per game betting a $50 on each, for the amount of times you are wining and loosing a year you will be making +750.00. With the same case by using the reduce use line you are going to be making a 35% more, that means +2,008.00. As you can see the reduce juice is a great advantage you can take to make more.

By Andrew Smith


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