Should You Shift To Online Sportsbooks?

It’s been a while since online sportsbooks began making their way into the industry, and nowadays it’s no longer a matter of having a good computer or having Internet providers improve the equipment and facilities to provide a faster, stable connection; no, it’s about weighing the benefits against the possible negative aspects of using brick-and-mortar venues (or local bookies) against those of online sportsbooks.

At the beginning (mid-90’s) most people were skeptical about the World Wide Web, which made things much more complicated for these businesses, yet, they managed to find enough pioneers to survive while humanity was slowly consumed into the black hole of technology.

Albeit slowly, more gamblers started venturing into the world of online gambling, and particularly, online sports betting; this was a great benefit because of all gambling regulations in the U.S.

Moving on, the next idea which caused some panic and made online sportsbooks face a rough moment was the lack of online security perceived through the Internet – to the point where many contemplated on the possibility of closing the business – during the beginning of the 21st century many people became fearful of sensitive personal information (including credit, debit card and bank information) being stolen.

Thanks to the efforts of huge corporations like Google, Amazon and E-Bay among others which participated in making the web a safer place while restoring credibility to online transactions, this was overcome, but many people still have a latent fear of providing this kind of information to online gambling venues (casinos or sportsbooks).

Even when this fear is slowly disappearing (within reason), the false idea that dealing with online sportsbooks is asking to be ripped off and that they are basically scams still persists (especially among gamblers who are over 50 years old and didn’t have to cope with the change to the tech era).

Although there have been a vast amount of venues that used to engage in this kind of behavior, most have disappeared – a few persist, and maybe they changed their ways, but those who dealt with them during those times will not try them again, including me – which means that most of these companies are reputable ones, and as long as you run a 5-10 minute research through Google about these businesses, you can differentiate those with a solid background versus those who might pose a risk.

Now, online gambling offers too many benefits that traditional venues can’t compete with and, even when tangible establishments offer a special atmosphere (which is the only thing an online sportsbook can’t compete with), gambling online compensates that shortcoming in many ways.

By betting online you’ll be able to compare lines between different books in a matter of seconds, they have great bonuses, reduced juice, 24/7 call centers to solve your doubts and take bets if you prefer betting through the phone and much more.

In my opinion, there is no point of comparison; online sportsbooks are much better in virtually every sense.

So, should you shift to online gambling?

In my opinion, yes, you should have done it since yesterday.

Author’s G+: Seth Miller.


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