NHL Playoffs 2014


The NHL 2014 Playoffs are back and its time to battle, and this time is for real, the fights for the Stanley Cup will begin today, Wednesday April 16th 2014, where only the best 16 teams of the League will have the right to punch each other on the ice and provide the hockey action all world fans are waiting for one of the favorite sports in the world, as well as many other sports worldwide. It’s always important, if you are an sports fan and if you love also the adrenaline rush of this sports, that you be on top of your game to have all the vital information and follow your favorite to the end and hopefully be able to see it holding the Stanley Cup at the end of the rumble, and if you are and sportsbook enthusiast you know what I’m talking about to be on top of the game.

Chicago Blackhawks are the defending Stanley Cup Champions of 2013 and they will have to face the best teams in the league to get the chance of winning this year.


Let’s take a look a the first round of matchups and possible winners.

Today, Wednesday, April 16th 2014

Montreal Canadians (46-28-8 100 points) at Tampa Bay Lightning (46-27-9, 101 points), Eastern Conference first round at 7 pm, national televised by CNBC, possible winner for this matchups Tampa, sportsbook money line -125 favorite Tampa (source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook)

Columbus Blue Jackets (43-32-7, 93 points) at Pittsburgh Penguins (51-24-7, 109 points), Eastern Conference game 1 at 7.30 pm, televised by NBCNS, money line favorite Penguins at -200 (source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook), pick for this game Pittsburgh.

Dallas Stars (40-31-11, 91 points) at Anaheim Ducks (54-20-8, 116 points) playing at 10 pm, televised by NBCSN, the Ducks are favorite at -170 on the money line (source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook), Anaheim is the pick for this game.


Thursday , April 17th 2014

Philadelphia Flyers (42-30-10, 94 points) at NY Rangers (45-31-6, 96 points), the game is at 7 pm and will be televised by CNBC, the pick for the game is Flyers, money line’s favorite -145 (source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook)

Chicago BlackHawks (46-21-15, 107 points) at St. Louis Blues (52-23-7, 111 points), the game is at 8 pm, televised by NBCSN, the pick of the game is St. Louis, favorite on the money line is St. Louis Blues at -135 (source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook)

Minnesota Wild (43-27-12, 98 points) at Colorado Avalanche (52-22-8, 112 points), game will be televised by CNBC at 9.30 pm, money line’s favorite Avalanche at -135, Pick Colorado(source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook)

Los Angeles Kings (46-28-8, 100 points) at San Jose Sharks (51-22-9, 111 points), game will be at 10.30 televised by NBCSN, pick of the game San Jose, money line favorite -135 Sharks (source Jazzsports Casino and Sportsbook)

Lots of Hockey for this and the following weeks on this great sports, don’t forget to check the lines and review all information you can gather before the games start for you to enjoy all the NHL action.

By Andrew Smith


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