NFL Draft 2014 – 1 Round Highlights.


Today is the day and finally the time has come, the time we all wait for is here, just hours from the most expected event in the post season event start every single person, sport fan, athletes, managers, scouts, coaches, sports betting fans I mean the hole world is just waiting for this event to start, the meeting will begin at 8 pm EST at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Before the kick off of the first round at 8 pm the sports betting world can wait for the official start from this long process, since the scouting started, the national search for the most impressive, professional and skilled athletes from the different corners of the country that show the best of their potentials and abilities during the drills to become the top prospects and have the opportunity to be part of the elite athletes of the National Football League, the dreams, the time spend, the passion for the sport will pay off tonight for the ones players that will be making history and become players in one of the most competitive sports in the world.


The first pick of tonight, at the New York Radio City Music Hall if for the Houston Texans, the teams is very interested in a DE from South Carolina, Jadeveon Clowney, according to many sources, he is one of the most talented defensive lineman on the planet. rush

The second pick is for St. Louis Rams, one of the most physical teams division in the NFL will be looking for an athlete with the same characteristics like Greg Robinson to give the edge the team needs. The 3rd pick is for Jacksonville Jaguars, they are looking for and offensive line backer that can pass rush and provide the advantage they are looking for and Khalil Mack as well as Sammy Watkins can fit the spot.

SF 49ers will take the 4th pick of the night, 49ers needs to decide the first pick, the team is looking for OT, WR and QB positions and they may choose Jake Matthews, Sammy Watkins and Johnny Manziel. Raiders have the 5th spot, they may pick a WR first like Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans.

6th pick is for Atlanta Falcons, the team may go for the OT on the 1st pick with Taylor Evans. WR might be the first pick for 7th spot Tampa Bay Buccaneers and WR Mike Evans is on the air and Johnny Manziel too. Minnesota Vikings may choose on the 1st round CB Justin Gilbert or ILB C.J Mosley from Alabama. Buffalo Bills #9 may go for the TE Erick Ebron as first pick and #10 Detroit Lions have their eyes on Darqueze Dennard one of the best CB in the draft.

Tonight we will have the chance to be part of this great process and have the opportunity to know what are going to be the decision the teams will made that will be making for the coming season to be more competitive with the best athletes in the market that will give the advantage they need on the sports betting world. Don’t miss all NFL Draft 2014 Sports Betting Action Tonight!!

By Andrew Smith


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