Costa Rica vs Italy – Who’ll take the lead of Group D in the World Cup?

Amazing but true, Costa Rica has managed to put such a great performance against Uruguay that we now need to consider the possibility of a tie – or even a victory for Costa Rica against Italy.

Both teams have only played one game so far – Costa Rica against Uruguay and Italy versus England – yet, that’s enough to get an idea of their “level”.

It’s possible to now pinpoint most key players, playing style, teamwork, as well as other important factors; reason why a prediction now will be much more accurate than one made before they played in the tournament.

Regardless, this may be a good time to also take advantage and make some bets; people will still be skeptic about Costa Rica’s performance and think Italy will have a good chance of winning.

In reality, this could easily end up as a tie or a win for Costa Rica.

Italy is performing fine, but not at what could be considered an amazing level; as long as Costa Rica is careful with its defense they can expect to be capable of scoring during a counter-attack.

The main advantage Costa Rica has is that its quite unpredictable for teams that aren’t used to their game-style.

Italy will probably focus on positioning its defense to avoid giving Joel Campbell any chance to score, but that will allow for some gaps in its defense which other players can take advantage when attacking.

My opinion?

I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’d say it’ll end in a tie or with a victory for Italy with a 1 goal difference, but Costa Rica has the potential to screw up that forecast in an unexpected way.


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