World Cup Second Stage

We are now almost at the end of the first stage of the World Cup of football, and things couldn’t be more interesting.

The previous World Cup champion, Spain, lost horribly against Holland and Chile. They barely managed to win the match against Australia to avoid returning home having made no points.

Costa Rica completely dominated the so called “group of death”, not losing a single match against any of the previous world champions, leaving Italy and England out of the championship.

Many other surprises have taken place on these matches, such as lousy or improved performances from certain teams compared to what was expected of them, as well as incredibly unexpected scores during some matches.

As things move on, we can say that Brazil, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Holland and Argentina will most likely make it to quarter finals.

The two teams all online sportsbooks expected to show an impeccable performance – Brazil and Argentina, the first two runner ups in pre-tournament odds offered by online sportsbooks – are showing an incredibly weak performance, which makes it very possible for these to lose during the quarter-finals, or semi-finals of the tournament.

Everything so far points out to a final between Germany or Chile against Holland or Costa Rica.

This might not be the case in the end, but based on these teams performance during the first stage, it’s the most likely scenario.

During this second stage be sure to take advantage of these matches to bet on online sportsbooks and make some money, as the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final match will be very difficult to predict on most cases.

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