World Cup third-Fourth Place Match

Today is the day when Brazil and Holland play against each other in order to define who deserves third place in the World Cup.

Even if this is a rather disappointing match for these teams fans, as well as for these teams players, it’s still an important match that can result in profits for the smart gambler. Sports betting favors those who are prepared and consider various factors, so let’s start.

Considering previous results, Holland should have the advantage in today’s match; yet, let’s dig deeper and consider all variables.

Brazil lost a devastating match against Germany during the semi-finals; they are still the host and have lost their most important player (Neymar). Thiago Silva couldn’t play during last game because he received a second yellow card during quarter-finals, but he will now come back to face Holland.

On the other hand, even if Holland lost against Argentina, they lost on penalties. Losing on penalties is not the same as losing a match, as results for penalty kicks rely heavily on luck.

So, at this point Holland has the advantage since they aren’t feeling the same pressure as Brazil; also, if the Netherlands manage to score an early goal, they will manage to greatly lower Brazil’s morale since they are still psychologically altered from their previous defeat.

At the beginning of the game we can expect to see a very intense match with Brazil attacking as much as possible. If Brazil doesn’t score within the first ten minutes, the match will probably turn in favor of Holland as they play in a much more organized way.

In my opinion, this match will end with a victory for Holland with a final score of 2-1. Robben, Sneijder and/or Van Persie will score for Holland, while Hulk will make a goal during the second half for Brazil.

That’s my prediction. If you’re into sports betting and going to place a bet now, use, because you’ll love having them in your list of favorite sports betting venues.


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