The Ultimate Sportsbook

The holy grail for sports betting enthusiasts, a place where you can go and find the best lines and odds while the company takes reduced juice on the action, a place where you can immediately receive funds without having to wait days for a transfer or make long lines to reach a cashier, a miraculous place for gamblers, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

There is no such thing as the perfect or ultimate sportsbook; there never has and never will. That won’t change just because there are sportsbooks that specialize in online services nowadays.

This is quite obvious, yet, we all secretly wish such a place existed; sometimes to the point of falling for deals that seem to good to be true on sites that are certainly shady.

Although it’s fine to try new sportsbooks, don’t let the illusion of an ultimate sportsbook drag you to deal with sportsbooks and websites that may end up costing you more than a headache.

If you’re looking to find the best sportsbook available, more accurately, the best deals available per each event, you will need to deal with multiple sportsbooks, and compare the lines and odds offered per event. Since lines and odds tend to move on how other gamblers are betting, having well-known, someone reputable and barely legit sportsbooks in your list is a must.

Having a list of 4 to 6 sportsbooks that are known to be trusted and tend to show slightly different positions on some events is the best possible solution; this is the equivalent to the ultimate sportsbook.

Now, if you have to start adding books to your existing list, try Loose Lines Sportsbook.

Author’s G+: Seth Miller


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