When on a bad gambling streak

We’ve all been there, a few bets gone bad which we try to ignore as these happen an bam, Luis Suarez bites you; no, wait, wrong story. What I meant is that you try to avoid feeling bummed out as this things happen, but you can’t stop betting as you wouldn’t know when the situation is reversed – meaning you won’t know when your bad luck becomes good luck – thus, leaving most people perplexed as to what to do, and in a few cases, empty bank accounts or massive debt.

So, what to do?

I still remember reading somewhere that someone was taught to always go ahead and place a small bet on something random in the morning, afternoon, and evening, that way that person would be able to know how luck is ought to treat them. These can be as simple as betting $1 on calling the side of a coin, to $.01 on Godzilla showing up; alright, it has to be slightly fair, not betting on the implosion of Mars.

Although this might not be the most accurate way of determining if that lady you met has lifted the curse she casted on you, if you’re having an intense period of bad-luck, you’ll usually continue losing these bets.

So even if you can’t completely trust these small scale bets to be 100% accurate predictions of your lousy fortune, do be cautious if you’ve had a bad streak and these small bets haven’t showed any progress.

Usually you would need to win all three bets of the day, or win two out of three for two days in a row.

That’s enough to know that your curse is over – for now.

An FYI, although I’m a firm believer that we make our future and there is no such thing as a destiny, luck is slightly different. I believe luck can be explained through science, but we haven’t reached that point yet.

Author’s G+: Seth Miller


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