Placing bets in Golf at Sportsbooks

When we talk about golf, we already know that in this sport are many events as the Opens. And it is well known in the entire world, maybe because it is one of the most important sports at the U.S. and around it.

This sport has a big importance at sportsbooks; they prepared good options for you to play wagers on golfers. Depending on the sportsbook the bets can change passing from one event to another one.

Some of the most known bets are the ones used at Looselines:

To Win the Tournament:  You are going to make the bet thinking in the player who will win the tournament.

To Finish in the Top 5: The first five player on win the tournament and the ones who tied the 5th position.

To Finish in the Top 10: The same of the Top 5, the difference is that here will be 10 players.

Match-ups: to choose between two players, thinking in who will have the best record.

3 Ball Betting: 3 ball betting and 3 golfers are in game in this bet. The ones with the best score will win the pool.

6 Ball Shooter:  The same tan the 3 ball betting just doing it with 6.

Top Player in a group: This bet is used on major tournaments and the offer is with the Top American player.

Round Leader: Again, this bet is used on major tournaments. But to win the pool, the player has to have the best score on an specific round.

In the web site you can find more specification to take in count before doing a bet at golf. It will depend on the sportsbook that you choose, and with this the options can change. Looselines have the bets options for bettors in any sport.


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