NFL Week 10 Game Highlights – Part 2.


Second part of all the action the NFL Week 10 gave all the sports fans.

Kansas City Royals 17 – Buffalo Bills 13.

KC Royals are in a four game winning streak after an slow start in the season and on Sunday they took care of Buffalo Bills 17-13 on their own ground. Anthony Sherman fumble recovery help Alex Smith 8 yard touchdown with only 9 minutes before end of the game take the win home over Bills.

San Francisco 49ers 27 – New Orleans Saints 24

Overtime was need it for the San Francisco win the game over New Orleans Saints 27 – 24. Phil Dawson 35 yard field goal in OT gave a crucial victory for 49ers but also Dawson kick a 45 yard field goal to force the game into OT to take the victory over Saints, the 1st home loss for them in more than a season.

Denver Broncos 41 – Oakland Raiders 17.

What can we say about Raiders? The only thing is that they have are worst team on the entire league, they have lost 9 out of 9 games since the season started. Denver on the other hand have 7-2 and the match was not a problem for Peyton Manning and the Broncos team to win 41 – 17 over Raiders on Sunday.

St. Louis Rams 14 – Arizona Cardinals 31.

The unfortunate Carson Palmer injury that cost him the remaining of the season didn’t stop the Arizona Cardinals and backup Drew Stanton to take the victory over St. Louis Rams 31-14 on Sunday. Palmer injured his knee on the 4th quarter and will not be able to play the rest of the season was sacked by Safety Mark Barron Rams safety. Still, Drew Stanton scored two additional TD’s to win the game over Rams.

New York Giants 17 – Seattle Seahawks 38.

Marshawn Lynch show on Sunday that he is a great asset to the franchise by scoring 4 touchdowns and 140 yards to help Seattle Seahawks win the 21 game out of 23 over NY Giants 17-38. Giants had struggle the entire season to pick up their performance but haven’t found the formula to do it wining only 3 out of 9 games.

Chicago Bears 14 – Green Bay Packers 55.

Aaron Rodgers tied the Green Bay record of touchdown passes in the 1st half. Rodgers threw 6 TD’s on the 1st half of the game on Sunday to win the game over Chicago Bears 55-14. Rodgers roll over their NFC North Rival and threw 18-27 for 315 yards and tied the NFL record made by Dayle Lamonica in 1969 from Oakland.

Carolina Panthers 21 – Philadelphia Eagles 45.

Mark Sanchez, Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback debut on Sunday night game against Carolina Panthers took over the team with 20 – 37 for 332 yards and two touchdown passes to win the game 21-45 over Carolina Panthers. Eagles defense did the rest of the job by sacking Cam Newton 9 times and help the team beat down Panthers on Sunday.

You can read more detailed information of week 10 games at

By Andrew Smith


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