“I Can’t Breathe” Protest for Garner

Untitled-1Currently, many things and hard situations have been happening and are of those situations that we wish nobody could suffer something similar. That’s why protests have been taking an important place nowadays.

The idea of making a protest is not only to show the discontent of the people with someone or something such as the government or some other institution; protests are also useful to show support and respect to victim’s family.

And this is the root of the protest “I Can´t Breathe” that since last Monday counts with the support of many players of NFL and NBA. The first one making use of the T-shirt which is currently the symbol of this protest was the runner of Detroit Lions Reggie Bush who made his training with the phrase: “I Can´t Breathe”.

The next one was Derrick Rose from Chicago Bulls who made his warm up before the game against Warriors with the Black T-shirt and the phrase “I Can´t Breath”; after Derrick showed his support to the protest, many other players from Nets and the Cavaliers did wear the same t-shirt, such as LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Melvin Ingram and many others.

Why “I Can´t Breathe”? These were the last words of Eric Garner before he died.

Garner was accused of selling cigarettes in an illegal way at New York, that’s why the police arrested him unnecessarily. During the arrest, an element of the police officer went straight to the neck doing a chokehold and Garner fell unconscious and was declared dead at the hospital.

The action from the police office is what has the people uncomfortable and in protest. The same happened with the case in Ferguson with the killing of Michael Brown on hands of a police officer.

However, this case is seen as a racist murder due to the black skin of Michael and the white police officer. The protest in this situation began with five players from the Rams (NFL) when they raise their hands as they enter the field, in solidarity with Ferguson and Michael Brown.

Why raising their hands? The case says that Michael Ferguson raised his hands before the police officer shoot him.

This symbol was absolutely evident this Monday when protesters of all the country raised their hands when they leave their jobs, schools and more tasks from New York to San Francisco, passing by Chicago.

What do you think about this action from players? I bet for it, due to the big weight that they can provide to the good cause.


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