What do Sportsbooks do when…..?

tourdefrance_2377591bWorking or managing a Sportsbook is not as easy as it seems; anything you do could have a mistake that can cost less or more than what you can imagine. Also bettors are a big factor that can make you commit a mistake, how can it be possible? I would like to change that and say: how can it not be possible? Bettors are running brains with a lot imagination and tricks, they will never lose. And it is worth to remember that at sports anything is possible.

What do sportsbooks do when a player or team is out after games results and bets are paid?

As main example I choose the case of Lance Armstrong. Getting back a year ago we can remember that Lance won the Le Tour de France 2013 but he was involved in doping problems what let him out of the competition and any future or present sports game.

At sportsbooks bets were already paid and deposited when the case of Armstrong appears. So, the correct proceed was to make a re-grading process in which money come back to the sportsbook from bettors accounts and bets were fixed, when the correct bets come to light were correctly paid again.

Was a mistake from the sportsbook? No, but it was a hard situation for them and their clients.

And what do sportsbooks do when Clerks make a mistake while taking bets?

That clerks make a mistake is hard to happened, what can be done is that bettors try to confuse clerks with the aim to avoid losing in any or another way. For example: Bettors call to the sportsbook and say “Chicago for hundred”. In Chicago you can find many teams in Hockey, Baseball, Football, college, basketball and so on; and “for hundred” can be understood as  four hundred or a for a hundred.

This is the common trick that bettors can use at sportsbooks and in this cases is when you can recognize good and trained clerks because the correct proceed is the yes/no questions:

  • Sorry Sir, what you mean? A Hundred or Four Hundred?
  • Sorry Sir, Chicago in which sport?

And that’s how sportsbooks can avoid hard and uncomfortable situations with clients.

However, good and experience Sportsbooks such Jazz Sports have the complete Rules and Regulations in which you can read and know the correct proceed in many cases and situations.

Take a while a read about it!


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