Messi with hard situations at Barcelona

Leo-Messi-antes-del-encuentro-_54422365009_54115221154_600_396After the returned from some vacations of “La Pulga”, things were not as he thought or should be. The year for Messi began with some problems at dressing rooms and with the coach Luis Enrique. But where does everything began?

When you lose some time at somewhere, you cannot expect that everything continue in the same way as it was before you left. And it seems that been a super star or one of the best players of the world doesn´t matter.

Messi was out for vacations and in his return Luis Enrique decided not putting him on first alignment on the game at the Anoeta. The thing is that in this game not only Messi was missing, it was also Neymar. The final score of the game was something devastating for the team, fact that Luis Enrique accepted on press interviews saying that the final score was unfair and the team deserves more than that. After all questions Luis Enrique said he doesn’t think that taking the same decision of not putting Neymar and Messi on the alignment will be good to do again.

However, during the first training Messi shows his discord with Luis Enrique due to an exercise done by groups were in the activity would be put Messi’s team on disadvantage. It began another discussion with hard words between Messi and Luis Enrique.

This Monday we received as one of the most important news that Messi was missing on the open doors training at the Miniestadi. The player said by Facebook: “I would have like to be on the Christmas training. I never missed, but these setbacks cannot be controlled. I wish every child´s dreams come true”.

Reports say that Messi is suffering of gastroenteritis and because of that he couldn´t assist to the open doors training. With him Rafinha also missed the training due to an Otitis and Jeremy Mathieu wasn´t there neither because it is carrying out a specific work.

However, the absent of Messi to the training means a little bit more due to the status of relation with the coach. Is this medical report true or it is only to cover the player?

What’s going Messi? You are the best!


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