Players with More Value Today

Untitled-1Currently, the topic about players is in the best moment due to the last events and last news that we have about the most important players nowadays. For example, the issue with Messi, the news that everybody knows.

Messi with his problems at Barcelona and Luis Enrique gave too much to talk about, beginning by the interesting of many teams when they knew about it because everyone wants to have Messi in their teams. Around four teams said officially that they want Messi, but luckily for Barcelona Messi says that he never thought to leave the team that makes him grow up and learned as many things he currently knows.

Even Ancelotti says that he would like seen Messi wearing some with clothes, making references to the desire of having the two best players of the world playing together. It is sad for all teams, but Messi already choose where he want to stay.

Another news of world interest is the Ball D’Or; the player who won this award is Cristiano Ronaldo (Once more); and as many people think that he deserves it, many others thing that he didn´t, and actually, there is a poll about who should won the Ball D’Or: Messi, Cristiano or Neuer and until now results are: 28%, 41% and 31% respectively.

And those news and more are important for us and for the entire world because we are not talking about the best players only, we are talking about the most expensive players of the world. But do you know who much does every one of them costs? Let’s see:

On first place we have Messi with a value of 220 million euros, then Cristiano Ronaldo with 133 million euros, Eden Hazard with 99 million euros, Diego Costa with 84 million euros, Paul Pogba with 72 million euros, Raheem Sterling with 63 million euros, Cesc Fáblegas with 62 million euros, Alexis Sánchez 61 million euros, Gareth Bale with 60 million euros.

You are already know why we are not talking only about the best player, don´t you?

Sportsbooks take advantage of all details to create new bets. Do you think they should open lines every time that a team tries to sing a player?

It should a good idea. With the big amount of money that one of those players costs, I don´t think that teams try to sign something is not of their stronger desires.

Which one could be the player for your best bet?



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